Title Medium Date
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Nike Channels Kobe Bryant's Color Philosophy in Campaign for Shoe Collection Video Aug 24, 2017
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'Love Has No Labels' Reinvents the Kiss Cam in Uplifting Valentine's Day Film Video Feb 14, 2017
'Love Has No Labels' Celebrates a Diverse America in Independence Day Ad Video Jul 04, 2016
Celebrating 'Love Has No Labels', One Year On Video Feb 11, 2016
Kevin Spacey Plays a New Jersey Mobster, Scotsman and More for E-Trade Video Jan 22, 2016
Samsung Celebrates Millennial Sharing Culture in Galaxy A Spot Video Jan 03, 2016 Literally Blows Minds in Inaugural TV Ad Video Sep 08, 2015
See How 'Love Has No Labels' Campaign Changed Lives of Pride Festival Attendees Video Jul 01, 2015
Meet the (Real) People Behind Ad Council's Smash Hit 'Love Has No Labels' Video Mar 25, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 2 TV/Film: Skeletons in Love Help to Challenge Our Prejudices Video Mar 02, 2015
Love Has No Labels In Ad Council's First Collaboration With Multiple Brands Interactive (image) Feb 17, 2015
A Girl Chases Her Stocking Across 74 Samsung Screens in This Charming Holiday Ad Video Dec 17, 2014
Now You Can Virtually Test Drive a Volvo With Google Cardboard Interactive (image) Nov 13, 2014
Beats by Dre States the Obvious: 'Nothing Stops Serena' Video Sep 08, 2014
Does Football Save the Planet? Find Out in Final Installment of Samsung's Sci-Fi World Cup Saga Video Jul 16, 2014
Heineken Helps You Find Where's Hot In Your City with Social Tool Interactive (image) Jul 14, 2014
Jay-Z Joins Team Beats for Game 5 of NBA Finals Video Jun 16, 2014
Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney and Donovan Battle Nasty Aliens in Samsung's Epic World Cup Film Video Jun 09, 2014
Best of 2014 #3 TV/Film: Beats Breaks World Cup Campaign Starring Neymar, LeBron and Apple Video Jun 05, 2014
MTV: Rule Switcher Interactive (image) Mar 14, 2014
Ellen is Goldilocks in Beats Music's Super Bowl Commercial Video Jan 30, 2014
Kevin Garnett Drowns Out The Naysayers in Powerful Beats Ad Video Nov 25, 2013
Lionel Messi Tapped as World's Savior in Samsung 11 Campaign Video Nov 11, 2013
A&E: Duck Call Interactive (image) Oct 10, 2012
: In the Red Zone Interactive (image) Sep 13, 2012
L'Oreal: My L'Oreal Colorist Interactive (image) Jul 26, 2012
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: Office Cupid Interactive (image) Feb 14, 2012
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: Our First Google Wallet Customer Video Sep 23, 2011
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Armani: Epic Night Interactive (image) Aug 25, 2011
McCormick: Lawry's Digital Dinner Bell Interactive (image) Jul 15, 2011
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Converse: The Sampler Interactive (image) Dec 06, 2010
: SF Weather Android App Interactive (image) Nov 29, 2010
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: Origami Interactive (image) Dec 20, 2006
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Nike: I Feel Pretty Interactive (image) Aug 29, 2006
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