Rich Silverstein

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Should This Man Be President? Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein Slow Trump Down to Make a Point Video Jul 13, 2016

Co-Chairman/Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Adobe Salutes The New Creative With Artists Wearing Their Work Video Sep 18, 2013


Title Medium Date
Ad Council's Anti-Bullying Emoji Campaign Expands With Design and Contests Interactive (image) Oct 06, 2016
Motorola: Projections Video Sep 18, 2012
Google/GSP: Band of Bridges Interactive (image) Jun 04, 2012


Title Medium Date
Tostitos Hired Jean Claude Van Damme to Hijack Your Friends Video Mar 14, 2018
This App Threatens to Disrupt SXSW by Letting People Paint the World With Cheetos Video Mar 08, 2018
Best of 2016 No. 4 Print/OOH/Design: Doritos Creates Flavorless, Crunchless Chips to Encourage Young People to Vote Video Sep 26, 2016
Doritos: No Taste, No Crunch, No Choice Bag Print (image) Sep 26, 2016
Old-Fashioned Paperwork Could Ruin Your Deal, Says Adobe's Latest Satiric Spot Video Sep 12, 2016
See the Wizard of Oz Through a Blind Seven-Year-Old's Eyes in This Oscars Spot Video Feb 19, 2015


Title Medium Date
The Huffington Post: Slogans Print (image) Aug 27, 2008
The Huffington Post: Events Print (image) Aug 27, 2008
The Huffington Post: Names Print (image) Aug 27, 2008

Designer/Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Golden Gate National Parks Conservatory: 75th Anniversary - 1 Print (image) May 24, 2012

Director, co-Chairman

Title Medium Date
One Job for America: One Job for America Interactive (image) Feb 18, 2011

Executive Creative Director/Partner

Title Medium Date
: Go Google 30 Rock Video Sep 12, 2012


Title Medium Date
Thinking of Buying Clicks? Here's What Could Happen to You Video Oct 03, 2014
Jason Statham Wants His 'Downton Abbey' in High Octane Xfinity Spot Video Feb 13, 2014