Rooster Post

Editing House

Title Medium Date
Canadian Film Fest: Canadian 007 Video Apr 04, 2013
Volkswagen (Canada): Art Heist Interactive (image) Oct 11, 2011


Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Driving Can be Beautiful Video Jul 07, 2011

Editorial Company

Title Medium Date
Project Winter Survival: Road Rage Video Jan 22, 2013
Nissan: Morning Light Video Nov 14, 2008

Editorial House

Title Medium Date
Heart & Stroke Foundation: Last 10 Years Video Feb 06, 2013

Post Production

Title Medium Date
Molson's Beer Fridge Returns -- and It's Going to Indonesia's Gili Islands Video Dec 19, 2013
Only Canadian Passports Can Open this Molson Beer Fridge Print (image) Jun 25, 2013

Post Production Company

Title Medium Date
Porn Star Ron Jeremy is a Reject In Toronto Jewish Film Festival's Latest Ad Video May 01, 2014 Tuners Video Apr 11, 2014 Soccer Mom Video Apr 11, 2014 : Mid-Life Crisis Video Apr 03, 2014 : Low Rider Video Apr 03, 2014