Ryan Wagman

Associate Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Burger King: BK Value Menu Banner Interactive (image) Oct 27, 2009
Burger King: The Truth About Tony Interactive (image) Oct 19, 2009

Associate Creative Director, Copywriter

Title Medium Date
Raptors Foundation For Kids: Li'l Jose Video Jan 19, 2009
Raptors Foundation For Kids: Li'l Chris Video Jan 19, 2009
Fanta: Play Puddles Video Oct 08, 2008


Title Medium Date
National Advertising Awards: Ad Generator Interactive (image) Mar 11, 2008
MINI: Turbovision Interactive (image) Feb 20, 2007

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
: David on Demand Interactive (image) Jun 08, 2010

Executive Creative Director/Production

Title Medium Date
American Express: A Doggie Shopping Spree with Tina Fey Video Mar 01, 2016
American Express: Tina Fey Living The Dream At The Supermarket Video Mar 01, 2016
Tina Fey Brings Her Wit to Workouts in Latest Amex Spot Video Mar 01, 2016

Vice President/Creative Director

Title Medium Date
FEMA: The Day Before Video Sep 19, 2012