Sam Ashwell

Audio Engineer

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The VW Tiguan Is Cool Enough for School in This Witty U.K. Spot Video May 23, 2016

Audio Post

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A Busker and His Dog Seek New Pastures in This Touching Animated Pet Food Ad Video Mar 10, 2017

Audio Post Producer

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An Awesome Singing Toddler Demonstrates How Fast an Auto Service Can Fix Your Car Video Jun 02, 2017
Could Your Morning Nescafe Transform You Into a Cheesy 'Legend' Like This Guy? Video Oct 11, 2016

Audio Post Production

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'Save the pubs!' says this heartfelt tribute to the British 'local' Video Jul 19, 2018
Boundary-breaking ad by Libresse wins the Glass Lion for Change Grand Prix at Cannes Video Jun 22, 2018
Paper planes are a metaphor for communication in BT's latest spot Video May 18, 2018
You can't call people giants: Lucozade puts a PC spin on 'David and Goliath' Video Apr 23, 2018
Domino's (U.K.): Oven Video Sep 25, 2017
Domino's (U.K.): Keeley Video Sep 25, 2017
Domino's (U.K.): Anniversary Video Sep 25, 2017
Domino's (U.K.): Fam Video Sep 25, 2017
Domino's Positions Itself as the 'Official' Food for Everything Video Sep 25, 2017
This VW Is Not the Car to Protect You From Aliens Video Nov 11, 2016
Harvey Nichols Dubs an Italian Drama in 'Britalia' Themed Holiday Film Video Nov 03, 2016
VW's Remote Journey Planner Foils a Mob Hit in Latest Cinema Sponsorship Spot Video Sep 16, 2016
Is the Office Really Your Dream Vacation Spot? Video Sep 06, 2016
Butlin's: Leaving Video Dec 22, 2010


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These Totally Out-There Hyundai Ads Poke Fun at Luxury Cliches Video Nov 01, 2017
Hyundai: Feel the Feeling - Cologne Video Nov 01, 2017
Hyundai: Feel the Feeling - Hairdryer Video Nov 01, 2017
Hyundai: Feel the Feeling: Launch Film Video Nov 01, 2017


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Halifax remakes 'Ghostbusters' in its latest banking mash-up Video Aug 13, 2018
A mortage advisor crashes 'The Wizard of Oz' in ad for Halifax Video Apr 30, 2018

Mix and Sound Design

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Just What Happened to Make This Emo Teen So Cheerful? Video Jun 30, 2016


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Nike Korea Just Dropped a Totally Mesmerizing Rap Video Video Jan 31, 2018
Nature Is Rendered in Intricate Detail in This Mesmerizing Honda Spot Video May 07, 2015


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This sex toys ad featuring 'orgasm faces' is being dubbed 'raciest ever' to air on British TV Video Aug 06, 2018

Sound Design

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'Sons of Anarchy' star Timothy Murphy navigates through chaos in futuristic spot for Video Aug 16, 2018

Sound Design

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This Volvo Ad Set to a Haunting Cover of 'My Favorite Things' Is All About NOT Owning a Car Video Jan 26, 2018
Bose: Bliss Video Nov 01, 2017
Bose: Hope Video Nov 01, 2017
Bose: Young Video Nov 01, 2017
Honda's Dazzling Multimedia Ad Is a Love Letter to Filmmaking Video Jul 18, 2017
World's Strongest Boys: Compilation Film Video Jul 18, 2016
YouTube Feats of Strength Are No Match for This More 'Powerful' Athlete Video Jul 18, 2016
A Doll and Her Son Live Happily Ever After in IKEA's 'One Room Paradise' Video Jul 08, 2013

Sound Designer

Title Medium Date
Nike's 'Nothing Beats a Londoner' wins inaugural Social & Influencer Grand Prix at Cannes Video Jun 21, 2018
Nike Korea Just Dropped a Totally Mesmerizing Rap Video Video Jan 31, 2018
'Can I Be Gay in the Army?' British Military Answers in Controversial Campaign Video Jan 16, 2018
A Confident Young Ram Meets His Match in VW's Fun Ad for the T-Roc Video Nov 30, 2017
TK Maxx Will Make It Snow at Your Home in 'White Christmas'-Themed Campaign Video Nov 10, 2017
Spot the Pink Kitten That Matters in This Trippy Road Safety Ad Aimed at Young Drivers Video Oct 25, 2017
A Tennis Ball Wreaks Havoc Round the U.K. in the BBC's Delightful Wimbledon Promo Video Jun 29, 2017
Virgin Trains: Spandau or Speedcore (Plane v Train) Video Jun 12, 2017
Train Travel vs Car? It's Spandau Ballet or Speedcore, Say Virgin Trains' Funny Ads Video Jun 12, 2017
Hermit Crabs Discuss Moving House in This Fun Campaign for Zoopla Video Apr 13, 2017
Real Piggies Star in Rovio's Cinematic Trailer for Angry Birds 2 Video Jul 30, 2015
Heineken Puts its Weight behind Dutch Team in Orange-themed Campaign Video May 01, 2014
Skittles: Vet Video Mar 17, 2014
Skittles: Groomer Video Mar 17, 2014
Skittles Introduces Us to a Candy-Producing, Temperamental Pet Cloud Video Mar 17, 2014
IKEA UK Lights Up A Forest In Sustainability Campaign Video Feb 10, 2014
Agent Provocateur: Fleurs Du Mal Video Oct 24, 2011

Sound Designer and Mix Engineer

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To Risk or Not to Risk? Nike's 'The Last Game' Pits Football Clones Against Ronaldo Video Jun 09, 2014

Sound Designer/ Mixer

Title Medium Date
To Risk or Not to Risk? Nike's 'The Last Game' Pits Football Clones Against Ronaldo Video Jun 09, 2014

Sound Designer/Mixer

Title Medium Date
Instagram Celebrates 'Stories Are Everywhere' With a Festival in Germany Video Jun 29, 2017
Sainsbury's Captures the Joy of 'Food Dancing' in First Work From W&K London Video Jan 18, 2017
A Hotel Becomes a Magical Musical Instrument in This Playful TV Ad Video Oct 13, 2014
Heineken's Latest 'Legend' Explores Hong Kong on Another Wild Night Out Video May 12, 2014

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
O2 Tells You to 'Follow the Rabbit' in This Trippy Music Video-Style Ad Video Feb 21, 2018
Ewan McGregor Narrates a Modern-Day Cinderella Story for the Debenhams Christmas Ad Video Nov 10, 2017
An Olympic Fencer Stars in This Fierce Cosmetics Spot, But You Don't See Her Face Video Sep 01, 2017
This PSA Conveys the Horrors of Domestic Violence Through Dance Video Oct 13, 2016
Disabled People Get Passionate in This Sweet Film From the U.K.'s Scope Video Jul 06, 2015
Cuteness Gets Out of Hand in This Mentos Ad Video Feb 27, 2015
What Happens If You Combine Hip Hop With Irish Jig Music? Video Nov 14, 2014
It's OK To Be Stingy, Says Carphone Warehouse Video Sep 18, 2013
Ikea: Playin' With My Friends Making Of Video Oct 24, 2012
Ikea UK: Playing With My Friends Video Oct 19, 2012
TalkTalk: Homes Within Homes Video May 25, 2011
Special Olympics: Encourage Omar Interactive (image) Nov 04, 2010
Anchor: Paradise City Video May 17, 2010

Sound Engineer

Title Medium Date
The school run is a military-style operation in this fun Argos spot Video Jul 23, 2018
He-Man and Skeletor Reprise 'Dirty Dancing' in Latest 'Epic' Ad From U.K.'s MoneySupermarket Video Sep 01, 2017
Ikea's Magical Spot Teaches Us to Appreciate the Big 'Small' Things Video Apr 21, 2016
Life's Just Not Fair for This Little Boy...Except at McDonald's Video Jul 24, 2015
Waitrose Concentrates On Charity In Christmas Campaign Video Nov 04, 2013
TalkTalk: Model Britain Video Sep 24, 2012
Europride: Little Gay Video May 29, 2009

Sound House

Title Medium Date
Ikea's blue bag holds new wonders for a dull tea party Video Aug 29, 2018
A dull ghost party gets way more lively with the help of Ikea textiles Video Apr 16, 2018

Sound Mix

Title Medium Date
Mentos: Stay Fresh - Hot Tub Video Mar 19, 2013
Mentos Puts a Stop to the Dad Curse Video Mar 19, 2013
Mentos: Stay Fresh - Technology Video Mar 19, 2013

Sound Studio

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Escape Twitter With Your Chocolate, Says Mars-Owned Galaxy / Dove Spot Video Sep 05, 2017