Sara Matarazzo

Agency Music Producer

Title Medium Date
American Express: Wes Anderson Video Apr 26, 2006
American Express: M Night Shyamalan Video Mar 06, 2006
Time Warner Cable: Whoops Video Dec 16, 2005

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Nike and Dick's Sporting Goods push young athletes to break all the rules Video Jul 13, 2018
Reese Witherspoon sets off a chain reaction of inspiring women in spot for Hello Sunshine VOD channel Video Jul 11, 2018
A bodega owner imagines his personal soccer movie in Powerade's World Cup ad Video May 30, 2018
Maya Moore recreates Michael Jordan 'Wings' pose in an ad for a new era Video May 23, 2018
Oregon Looks Like Something Out of a Miyazaki Film in This Magical Travel Ad Video Mar 13, 2018
The Breath of Athletes Drives an Intense Nike Tale Video Feb 12, 2018
Bud Light's 'Bud Knight' Gallops Into 'Dilly Dilly' Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018
Bud Light: Super Bowl 2018 - Ye Olde Pep Talk 30s Video Jan 31, 2018
TurboTax: Chupacabra Video Jan 04, 2018
Doing Your Taxes Needn't Be a Horror Movie, Says TurboTax Video Jan 04, 2018
TurboTax: That Thing in the Woods Video Jan 04, 2018
TurboTax: The Noise in the Attic Video Jan 04, 2018
P&G Tackles Bias in New 'Proud Sponsor of Moms' Olympics Work Video Nov 01, 2017
Bud Light: Vendor Video Sep 06, 2017
These Honda Fit Ads Disappear Into the Back of the Car Video Sep 01, 2017
Bud Light Tries to Resurrect Its Punchline Personality in Ad Evoking 'Game of Thrones' Video Aug 25, 2017
There's Nothing to See in Old Spice's Two-Hour 'Invisible Movie' Video Aug 25, 2017
An Immigrant Great-Grandmother's Education Pays Off Over Generations in Heart-Tugger From University of Phoenix Video Aug 08, 2017
Honda Suggests Teens Have a 'Designated Texter' in This Parody Rap Video Video Apr 19, 2017
Kevin Hart Escapes to the Desert in Latest Campaign From Nike Video Jan 03, 2017
Xfinity Transforms Grandma's House From 'Dead Zone' to Connected Home in Holiday Campaign Video Nov 14, 2016
A Mysterious Shopkeeper Guards Gamers' Wares in PlayStation Store Spot Video Oct 31, 2016
Microsoft: Surface Pro - Doodle a Heart Video Aug 29, 2016
These Hilarious Ads Might Make You Think Seriously About Microsoft's Surface Pro Video Aug 29, 2016
A Stirring University of Phoenix Spot Pays Tribute to Olympic Basketball Star Gail Marquis Video Aug 09, 2016
Nike Gives Babies a Locker Room Pep Talk in Ad Starring Bobby Cannavale Video Jul 25, 2016
Your Heart May Ache a Bit for the Clumsy Boy Who Stars in This Sweet Subaru Ad Video Jul 11, 2016
Old Spice: Five Year Plan Video Jun 28, 2016
Old Spice Puts a Surreal, Hilarious Spin on Movie Cliches in Latest Spots Video Jun 27, 2016
Heinz's Super Bowl Ad Is a Surreal Weiner Stampede Video Feb 01, 2016
Nike Korea Collected Real Teens' Voices for Spot Reinforcing Sport's Importance Video Nov 12, 2015
Coke Emblazons Cans With Transferable Tattoos of Last Names Print (image) Sep 02, 2015
Young Athletes Ignore a Famous Naysayer in Inspiring Film From Nike Korea Video Aug 26, 2015
Nike Puts You in Neymar's Shoes on the Soccer Pitch With VR Experience Interactive (image) Jul 10, 2015
KFC: Bucket in My Hand Video May 19, 2015
To Risk or Not to Risk? Nike's 'The Last Game' Pits Football Clones Against Ronaldo Video Jun 09, 2014
Coke Invites Soccer Fans from Palestine and Japan to Watch the World Cup Video Apr 01, 2014


Title Medium Date
Toys R Us Looks to Nostalgia With a Vintage-Infused Holiday Spot Video Dec 15, 2017

Founder/Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Broaden Your Mind, Says Expedia in Spot Breaking During Inauguration Video Jan 20, 2017


Title Medium Date
Converse: The Procession Video Oct 01, 2010
Budweiser: Great Times Video Oct 01, 2010

Music Composer

Title Medium Date
Nike Introduces Hypervenom With Deadly New Spot Video Jun 07, 2013

Music Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
It Seems Like No One Gets to Drink the Coke in Coca-Cola's Oscars Ad Video Feb 23, 2015
Facebook: The Things That Connect Us Video Oct 04, 2012

Music Producer

Title Medium Date
Southern Comfort Introduces a New Predator During Shark Week Video Aug 11, 2014
CFDA: Swarovski Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Womenswear Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Riccardo Tisci Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Vera Wang Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Accessories Video Jun 11, 2013
Singing Male Models and Thespian Catwalkers Introduce CFDA's 2013 Awards Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Tim Blanks Video Jun 10, 2013
Nike: Find Your Greatness Video Jul 25, 2012
Fanta: No Play Zone Video May 08, 2007
Fanta: Let Them Play Video May 08, 2007
Fanta: Caught in the Act Video May 08, 2007

Music Supervision

Title Medium Date
The World Has Stopped Spinning but That's OK Because Celebrities Are Running in Nikes Video Mar 01, 2018
Zone Out of Your Boring Family Dinners with Facebook Home Video Apr 15, 2013

Music Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Montefiore Hospital's 'Corazon' wins Health and Wellness Grand Prix at Cannes Video Jun 18, 2018
Oregon Looks Like Something Out of a Miyazaki Film in This Magical Travel Ad Video Mar 13, 2018
Toys R Us Looks to Nostalgia With a Vintage-Infused Holiday Spot Video Dec 15, 2017
Coca-Cola: Intro Coca-Cola Summer Video May 26, 2017
Coca-Cola: Guess My Name Video May 26, 2017
Coca-Cola: What's Your Name Video May 26, 2017
Coke Kicks Off the Summer With a Cute Beachside Romance Video May 26, 2017
Everybody Dance Now! Zumba Debuts Its First-Ever TV Spot Video Sep 05, 2014
: Helps Video Oct 14, 2008


Title Medium Date
This Weird and Wondrous Samsung Spot Is Straight Out of Your Dreams Video May 02, 2016
Moms Are Back in Another Olympics Tear-Jerker From P&G Video Apr 27, 2016
Samsung: Galaxy S7: Champagne Calls Video Mar 11, 2016
Lil Wayne and Wesley Snipes Star in Samsung's Latest Ads Video Mar 11, 2016
Samsung: Gear VR: Elephant Video Mar 11, 2016


Title Medium Date
University of Phoenix Touts the Pride of Its Students in New Campaign Video Feb 12, 2016
Best of 2015 No. 5 TV/Film: 'Losers' Rule in Nike's Uplifting Running Spot Video Sep 25, 2015
Paralympian Athletes Salute Their Moms in P&G's Latest Video Feb 19, 2014
Best of 2014 #4 TV/Film: Moms Lament Their Sons Reaching Manhood for Old Spice Video Jan 06, 2014
Nike Golf: No Cup is Safe Video Jan 15, 2013
Old Navy: Jordan Knight Sings Old Navy Catalog Interactive (image) Jun 20, 2012
Target: Power Cord Christmas Video Dec 07, 2010
Target: Tiny Christmas Tree Video Dec 07, 2010