Sarah Patterson

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Smirnoff: Sea Video Aug 23, 2007
Shell: Movement Video May 05, 2006

Executive Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
'Game of Thrones' Actor Kit Harington Gets Totally Dramatic While Driving Video Aug 03, 2016
Gatorade: Jordan Performance Art Video Jul 29, 2009
Gatorade G2: Kevins Video Mar 20, 2009
Gatorade: Quest for G Video Feb 10, 2009
Gatorade: Manifesto Jordan Video Jan 31, 2009

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Gatorade Makes Sweat Look Incredible in a Tribute to Tenacity Video May 14, 2015
Gatorade Celebrates Its Sports Legacy on Its 50th Anniversary Video Dec 29, 2014
It's Jeter's New York in Gatorade's Uplifting Tribute Ad Video Sep 18, 2014
Extreme Makeover: Gatorade Turns High School Basketball Team's Locker Room into NBA-Worthy Space Video Feb 18, 2014
Kevin Durant Has a Nightmare in Latest Gatorade Spot Video Mar 25, 2013
Gatorade is Forrest Gump of Sports Drinks in Latest Spot Video Mar 11, 2013
The Grammys: The World is Listening Video Jan 24, 2013
Gatorade: Keep Her In the Game Video Jun 26, 2012
Gatorade: Lochte Video Feb 29, 2012
Gatorade: Jordan Video Feb 29, 2012
Gatorade: Win from Within Video Jan 03, 2012
Gatorade G2: Float Video Mar 12, 2010
Gatorade: Remembered Video Feb 10, 2010
Gatorade: Forest Jamboree Video Apr 16, 2009
Gatorade: Never Quit Video Apr 15, 2009

Integrated Producer

Title Medium Date
Just Sell It, Already! Mobile App Letgo Pokes Fun at People's Irrational Attachments to Stuff Video Feb 08, 2016
Just Sell It, Already! Why Can't This Astronaut Get Rid of the Amp He's Had Since High School? Video Feb 08, 2016

Planning Director

Title Medium Date
McDonald's: Signs Video Jan 16, 2015


Title Medium Date
HSBC: Family Member Video Dec 19, 2006
Vodafone: Speech Bubbles Video May 24, 2006

Senior Integrated Producer

Title Medium Date
Coca-Cola: Super Bowl 2018 - The Wonder of Us - print ad Print (image) Feb 01, 2018
Coke Plugs Diversity, and Soda, in a Poetic Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018