Scott Ganary

Audio Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Sprint's New Pitchman Is Verizon's 'Can You Hear Me Now' Guy Video Jun 06, 2016

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
This Charming Tale of A Lost Piggy Bank Illustrates How Santander Looks After Your Money Video Jan 11, 2018
Audi Throws Down the Gauntlet to Speed Demons Video Jul 20, 2017
Audi/Airbnb: Death Valley House Print (image) Sep 14, 2016
Audi Teams up With Airbnb for Stylish Emmy's Campaign Video Sep 14, 2016
Cute Kids School Top Athletes (With a Surprise Twist) in Gatorade's Sweet Ad Video Jun 15, 2016
Taco Bell Sets World Afire in Ad for New Doritos Locos Taco Video Aug 27, 2013
Wedding Tradition Pisses Off Groom in Deutsch L.A.'s Latest for VW Video May 31, 2013
Sony Playstation: Long Live Play Video Oct 12, 2011
Adidas: The Bull Video Sep 29, 2011
Carl's Jr.: Robot Video Jun 23, 2011
Boost Mobile: Puppets Video Apr 22, 2011
Boost Mobile: Working Man Video Apr 14, 2011
Muscle Milk: Clay Matthews Video Mar 17, 2011
Muscle Milk: Ryan Braun Video Mar 17, 2011
Audi: Release the Hounds Video Feb 06, 2011
Volkswagen: Black Beetle Video Feb 02, 2011
Denny's: Nannerpuss Video Feb 02, 2009
Cheetos: Spoiled Girl Video Jan 31, 2009

Executive Producer of Sound

Title Medium Date
NASCAR: FanDangler Video Sep 21, 2007
NASCAR: FanTandem Video Sep 21, 2007


Title Medium Date

President/Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Taco Bell's Quesalupa Is Bigger Than Tinder, Man-Buns and...Football? Video Feb 07, 2016

Sound Design Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Letgo: Commercializer Perfume Interactive (image) Apr 20, 2016
Letgo: Commercializer Pharma Interactive (image) Apr 20, 2016
Letgo: Commercializer Shopping Interactive (image) Apr 20, 2016
Letgo: Commercializer 80's Action Interactive (image) Apr 20, 2016
: Introducing Google Fiber Interactive (image) Jul 26, 2012

Sound Designer

Title Medium Date
Coca-Cola: Jinx Video Feb 01, 2008
Ford: Easy Being Green Video Feb 05, 2006