Scott Howard

Digital Art Director

Title Medium Date
This Poignant Tribute to Gene Wilder Highlights the Cruelty of Alzheimer's Video Nov 03, 2017

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
A Holiday Dinner Becomes Heated in a Surprisingly Raw Spot From HP Video Dec 13, 2017
Being 'Nice' Isn't Enough, Says Kind Snacks' Film Directed by Emmanuel Lubezki Video Dec 12, 2017
Toyota Echoes 'This Is Us' in a Nostalgic, Heartwarming Holiday Spot Video Nov 29, 2017
Serena Williams, Cara Delevingne and Neymar Star in Beats by Dre's Stirring Film Video Nov 28, 2017
'Breaking Bad' Actor Jonathan Banks Is the 'Fixer' in Next Chapter of HP's Security Campaign Video Sep 19, 2017
HP: The Fixer - Funny Business Video Sep 19, 2017
An Inventive Little Girl Grows Up to Be a GE Scientist in This Charming Spot Video Sep 12, 2017
These Honda Fit Ads Disappear Into the Back of the Car Video Sep 01, 2017
Christian Slater Is Back as HP's Cyberhacking 'Wolf' -- and He's More Evil Than Ever Video Jun 08, 2017
Macy's Bets on Power of Santa Belief This Holiday Video Nov 14, 2016
Chevrolet Is One of the First Brands to Jump on Facebook's Reaction Buttons Video Feb 24, 2016
Young Athletes Ignore a Famous Naysayer in Inspiring Film From Nike Korea Video Aug 26, 2015
FedEx: Open Floor Plan Video Jun 01, 2015
FedEx: Hotshots Video Jun 01, 2015
Why Saving Money on FedEx Could Make Life Awkward for Mom and Dad Video Jun 01, 2015
FedEx: Bed & Breakfast Video Jun 01, 2015
Charter Communications: Charter Spectrum - Game Night Video May 18, 2015
Charter Communications: Charter Spectrum - Where Will It Take You? Video May 18, 2015
Thinking of Buying Clicks? Here's What Could Happen to You Video Oct 03, 2014
FirstBank: Doll Video Jun 05, 2014
MGMT and Tom Kuntz Present the Lie that is Your Life Video Aug 05, 2013
A Midnight Drive is Extraordinary Sunny in a Volkswagen Beetle Video May 24, 2013
On the High Seas, an Oreo Showdown Video Mar 11, 2013
Gatorade is Forrest Gump of Sports Drinks in Latest Spot Video Mar 11, 2013
Oreo: Whisper Fight -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Jan 31, 2013
Old Spice: Muscle Music Keyboard Key Interactive (image) Aug 28, 2012
Old Spice: Muscle Music--Best of 2012 IX #8 Interactive (image) Aug 28, 2012
Jordan Brand: This is Where it Starts Video Aug 03, 2012
Bud Light: Dog Sitter Video Feb 06, 2011
Bud Light: Product Placement Video Feb 06, 2011
Subaru: Mediocrity - Designers Video Oct 04, 2010
Subaru: Mediocrity Website Interactive (image) Oct 04, 2010
Nike SB: Today Was a Good Day Video Jul 20, 2009
Nike: Bear Butte Running Camp Video Apr 22, 2009
Emerald Nuts: Falling Video Apr 09, 2009
Gatorade: Ball Girl Video Jun 04, 2008
Nike Women: Masks Video Sep 13, 2007
Nike Women: Tearaway Video Sep 13, 2007
Wendy's: Didgeridoo Video Aug 17, 2007
Wendy's: Aerodynamic Burger Video Aug 17, 2007
Toyota: Paperboy Video Oct 19, 2006
HBO: Bad Habits Video Jun 05, 2006
Dairy Queen: Dreams Video Mar 30, 2006
Dentyne Ice: Watch What Happens Next Interactive (image) Mar 03, 2006
Dairy Queen: Harmonica Video May 06, 2005
Pepsi/iTunes: Bottle Songs 2 Video Feb 08, 2005
Pepsi/iTunes: Bottle Songs Video Feb 06, 2005

Head of Production

Title Medium Date
It Seems Like No One Gets to Drink the Coke in Coca-Cola's Oscars Ad Video Feb 23, 2015


Title Medium Date
American Legacy Foundation: Labels Video Aug 21, 2003

Senior Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Vizio: Fallen Tree Video Oct 21, 2014
Volkswagen: Sunny Side Video Jan 24, 2013
DirecTV: Motorcycle Video Jan 07, 2013
DirecTV: Shower Video Oct 22, 2012
DirecTV: Night Video Oct 22, 2012
DirecTV: Pants Video Oct 22, 2012