Scott Smith


Title Medium Date
Nike: Leave Nothing Video Sep 11, 2007

Associate Creative Director

Title Medium Date
OfficeMax: Sick Day Video Jan 22, 2004
OfficeMax: Rubberband Man Video Jan 22, 2004
OfficeMax: Motivational Poster Video Jan 22, 2004


Title Medium Date
A Cosmonaut Narrates This Epic Celebration of Planet Earth From S7 Airlines Video Oct 05, 2016
Milka Wants You to Choose Your Favorite Cookie Jar Character Interactive (image) May 03, 2016
Chevrolet: Wacky Cars Video May 22, 2008
Chevrolet: Get Real Video May 22, 2008
TUL: Graphological Initiative Interactive (image) Aug 31, 2006

Creative Director, Art Director

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Kinder Video Nov 10, 2004


Title Medium Date
Toyota: Can You Play? Interactive (image) Jan 08, 2016

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Movember: David's Big Problem Video Nov 19, 2012