Seema Miller

Chief Strategy Officer

Title Medium Date
Kia: Share Some Soul Behind the Scenes Video May 26, 2016
The Kia Hamsters Kick Off a Fun-Filled, Musical Summer Bash in Brand's Latest Ad Video May 26, 2016
Christopher Walken Has Sock Puppet Hands in Kia's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 02, 2016

Executive Director, Head of Planning

Title Medium Date
Kia: For One Month, Let's All Be Futbol Fans Video Jun 10, 2014

Head of Strategic Planning

Title Medium Date
Kia's Super Bowl Effort Combines Puccini And The Matrix Video Jan 28, 2014
Morpheus Adjusts His 'Construct' TV Set in Kia's Super Bowl Teaser Video Jan 24, 2014

Managing Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Title Medium Date
Kia Motors: Participation Video Nov 02, 2015
Kia Motors: Newspaper Video Nov 02, 2015