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NFL Player Steve Gleason Is Giving Away Memorabilia in a Live Auction for ALS Video Sep 26, 2016

Audio Finishing

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A rom-com turns into a zombie flick in new work for AT&T Video Jul 17, 2018
AT&T: Bus Video Jul 17, 2018

Audio Mix

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White Castle hawks Chicken Rings in QVC-style Facebook Live event Video Jul 03, 2018
Barnardo's: He Said, She Said (Print) Print (image) Jan 05, 2018
Why Is Red Robin Chopping Off Guys' Man Buns? Video Jan 04, 2017

Audio Post

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Chris Redd, Nicki Minaj and Chris Redd glorify a gaming legend in 'Madden NFL 19' launch ad Video Aug 03, 2018
Indeed Artfully Captures the Frustration of the Endless Job Search in Oscars Ad Video Mar 05, 2018
Emerald Nuts Turns a Customer Review -- 'Yes Good' -- Into Its Brand Tagline Video Mar 28, 2017
The FDA Targets Teen Smokers With Animations Featuring Unfortunate 'Little Lungs' Video Mar 15, 2017
Damian Lillard Is Put Through His Paces in Powerade's Latest Campaign Video Mar 10, 2017
State Farm: Coupon Video Apr 04, 2016
State Farm: Droppin' Dimes Video Feb 12, 2016

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Can You See All 1 Billion Colors in This Samsung TV Ad? Video Jun 06, 2017

Audio Post Production

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TruTV Pokes Fun at Glossy TV Promos in Brand Relaunch Ads Video Dec 01, 2016

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L'Oreal Celebrates Winona Ryder's Comeback in Golden Globes Spot for Elvive Video Jan 08, 2018

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United Airlines: One Journey, Two Teams Video Aug 03, 2016

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Professor Cardi B schools singing students on the art of ad-libs in latest from Spotify Video Apr 09, 2018

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Getting locked out spells doggie disaster without a Duracell battery Video May 21, 2018
A Long Haul Flight Is Hellish Without Duracell Batteries for Your Headphones Video Feb 07, 2018
LeBron's Alter Ego Is Baseball Pitcher 'Big Taste' in Sprite's Latest Spot Video Jan 25, 2018
Boxer GGG Eschews Cliches in These Offbeat Jordan Ads Video Sep 18, 2017
Jordan Brand: Mr. Nice Guy Video Sep 18, 2017
Jordan Brand: World Tour Video Sep 18, 2017
Equinox 'Expands' the Definition of 'LGBTQA' With This Artsy Dance Film (and 20 More Letters) Video Jun 05, 2017
Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant Joins a Secret Training Ritual in Jordan's Latest Ad Video Aug 09, 2016
See Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer in Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 03, 2016
Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen Lotion Up and Wear Spanx for Bud Light's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 22, 2016

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The New York Lottery Has an Amazing Idea for Taming That Cord Monster Video Feb 10, 2016

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Kendall Jenner Is a Sci-Fi Boticelli's Venus in Latest Adidas 'My Way' Ad Video Aug 10, 2017

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The Y Takes a Long Hard Look at a Divided America in a Powerfully Political Spot Video Sep 25, 2017
James Corden Goes on a Hilarious Culinary Adventure in Droga5's Content Series for Chase Video Oct 25, 2016
Families of Gay, Transgender and Adopted Children Celebrate Acceptance on 'Love Day' in Ad From Honey Maid Video Feb 11, 2016

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If you don't want to get up and start dancing after watching this infectiously fun Bacardi ad, you might be dead Video May 15, 2018

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Nick Offerman voices Etsy's first-ever national TV ad Video Jul 31, 2018
An Inventive Little Girl Grows Up to Be a GE Scientist in This Charming Spot Video Sep 12, 2017
Best of 2016 No. 7 TV/Film/Branded Content --Adidas Strikes Out Against Our Dystopian Future in Powerful Spot for Originals Video Jan 25, 2016

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Nissan worked backwards to create eye-popping debut ad for the Kicks crossover Video Jul 11, 2018

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Delta's Inspiring Grammys Spot Tells You to Go For It Video Feb 16, 2016


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Hennessy spotlights a forgotten African-American cycling pioneer Video Apr 16, 2018
Kendall Jenner Is a Sci-Fi Boticelli's Venus in Latest Adidas 'My Way' Ad Video Aug 10, 2017
Best of 2017 TV/Film--No. 6: Adidas' Past Creates Its Future In Sexy, Stylish Ad for Originals Video Jun 21, 2017
MailChimp Takes on a Sinister 'Black Hole' in Ads Aimed at Small Businesses Video May 23, 2017
MailChimp: The Black Hole ROI Video May 23, 2017
MailChimp: The Black Hole Marketing Automation Video May 23, 2017
MailChimp: The Black Hole Hello Friend Video May 23, 2017
Vroom's Poignant Mother's Day Film Sees Caregivers As the Superheroes They Are Video May 03, 2016