Additional Credits

Title Medium Date
The Correspondent: Don't Become a Pole Video Dec 04, 2014

Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen/Sony PSP: The Walker Video Sep 05, 2008

Audio Post/Music

Title Medium Date
Belgacom: Bee Video Sep 04, 2008


Title Medium Date
If Dvorak Had a Music Video, This is What it Would Look Like Video Apr 17, 2014

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
Belgium Doesn't Have Mountains, But That Won't Stop It from Winning a Winter Olympics Medal Video Nov 25, 2013
Coca-Cola: Taste Under Hypnosis Behind the Scenes Video Apr 25, 2013
Hypnotist Tests Coke Drinkers' Taste Buds Video Apr 25, 2013

Sound Producer

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen Subverts Delayed Viewing with a 'Slowmercial' Video Mar 19, 2013

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
A Snowman Get His Own Holiday Party in the Belgian Lottery's Cute Animation Video Dec 13, 2017