Sound Lounge

Audio Company

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Staples: Dave Video Jan 09, 2012

Audio Facility

Title Medium Date
Fiat: Immigrants Video Jul 19, 2012

Audio House

Title Medium Date
'F*ck whoever the f*ck' you want, says Planned Parenthood Video Jul 09, 2018

Audio Master

Title Medium Date
DirecTV: I Am Epic Win Video Mar 15, 2011

Audio Mix

Title Medium Date
Walmart's Holiday 'Social Experiment' Proves That Kids Are Pretty Unselfish Video Dec 07, 2015
Simmons: Bullhorn Video May 28, 2015
Simmons: Bullhorn - Online Anthem Video May 28, 2015
A Beautyrest Mattress Can Make You a Super Hero and More. . .Says 'Alert Man' Video May 28, 2015
Simmons: Champagne Video May 28, 2015
Fight for Peace Becomes Poetic in New Ad for Sony PS4 'Killzone: Shadow Fall' Video Nov 04, 2013
Conrad Hotels & Resorts: Metamorphosis Video May 11, 2012
Barnardo's: Strength Video Mar 05, 2012
Barnardo's: Existence Video Mar 05, 2012
Barnardo's: Apparatus Video Mar 05, 2012
Jameson: Hawk of Achill Video Oct 04, 2011
Richard Wilde SVA Tribute: The Wilde Ones Print (image) Dec 11, 2009
HBO: Imagine Launch Interactive (image) Sep 18, 2009

Audio Mix and Sound Design

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Windstream: Hornets Video Jun 19, 2015

Audio Mixing

Title Medium Date
Best of 2016 No. 10 TV/Film/Branded Content -- Cute, or Horrifying? Mtn Dew Debuts 'Puppymonkeybaby' in Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 03, 2016

Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Don't Get Mad, Get Uber Rich, Says E-Trade in Latest Campaign Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Hard Work Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Crack Of Noon Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Board Meeting Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Yacht Life Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Plane Truth Video Jun 19, 2017
BMW: Astronaut Video Jun 19, 2015
Dogs Can Even Cure Society's Ills, According to Dramatic Ad From Pedigree Video May 29, 2015
Visa Checkout Gives You a Little Too Much Free Time Video Apr 10, 2015
Khaleesi Uses Google Play to Amp Up for 'Game of Thrones' Return Video Mar 27, 2013
NY Lotto: Bunnies Video Oct 06, 2009

Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
CarMax Returns to Super Bowl with '80s Cliches and Puppy Re-enactment Video Jan 22, 2014
Dish Network: Cowboys Video Oct 04, 2011
Heineken Light: Handlebar Moustache Video Jul 14, 2011
Heineken: Snakeskin Video Jul 01, 2011

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Matthew McConaughey Doesn't Say a Word in Latest for Lincoln Video Sep 10, 2015
Lincoln: Arrival Video Sep 10, 2015

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
Dos Equis: Summer - Luis Guzman Video Jun 01, 2016
Erin Andrews and Luis Guzman Temp for Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man Video Jun 01, 2016
Bengay: Interpretive Dance Video Apr 26, 2012
Dow: Bread Video Mar 27, 2012
Dow: Train Video Mar 23, 2012


Title Medium Date
Barnardo's: Go Beyond Video Jul 11, 2006


Title Medium Date
Coca-Cola: Intro Coca-Cola Summer Video May 26, 2017
Coca-Cola: Guess My Name Video May 26, 2017
Coca-Cola: What's Your Name Video May 26, 2017
Coke Kicks Off the Summer With a Cute Beachside Romance Video May 26, 2017
George Clooney Goes on a Road Trip Through Hollywood History for Nespresso Video Apr 26, 2017
Burger King: Training Video- Grilled Dogs ft. Charo Video Feb 11, 2016
Snoop Dogg Teaches Burger King Employees How To Cook A Hot Dog Video Feb 11, 2016
Scott Baio, a Rubik's Cube and Emoji Are Objects in an Alien Museum in Super Bowl Ad for Avocados From Mexico Video Feb 01, 2016
Cadillac Hails Richard Linklater, Steve Wozniak in Oscars Commercial Video Feb 23, 2015
Playstation 4 Advocates A 'Perfect Day' Of Destroying Your Mates Video Oct 15, 2013
Sony Launches New Campaign for the PlayStation 4 Video Jun 12, 2013
New Era: The Odd Couple Video Sep 22, 2011

Mix and Sound Design

Title Medium Date
: Introducing Google Play Video Mar 06, 2012

Mix Company

Title Medium Date
: This Summer Joel Embiid Video May 15, 2018
: This Summer Evander Holyfield Video May 15, 2018
: This Summer Deadpool & David Beckham Video May 15, 2018
Messi, Beckham and Deadpool prepare for the chaos of the World Cup Video May 15, 2018
: Men Become Gods Video May 15, 2018
: Everything Becomes Not Enough Video May 15, 2018
: EPIC Ronaldo vs. Messi Video May 15, 2018
: A Curse Becomes A Challenge Video May 15, 2018
Project Rock: Build the Belief: Dwayne Johnson Superzoom Video Mar 23, 2018
Seven Bucks Creative debuts its first campaign (and yes, Dwayne Johnson is in it) Video Mar 23, 2018
Don't Go Camping Without a Trusted Battery, Warns Duracell's Latest Spot Video May 16, 2017


Title Medium Date
Tide's Football-Crazy Super Bowl Couple Return for NFL Kickoff Spot Video Sep 06, 2013

Music/Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Mitsubishi: Robot Factory Video Apr 25, 2008
Mitsubishi: Robot Factory - The Making Of... Video Apr 25, 2008
Jackson Hewitt: Peter Pan Video Feb 16, 2007
Jackson Hewitt: Zorro Video Feb 16, 2007
Jordan: B Clutch Video Nov 15, 2006
Diet Coke: Loft Video Jul 25, 2005 Melanoma Video Nov 15, 2004 What Then Video Nov 15, 2004 Next Video Nov 15, 2004 Phone Video Nov 15, 2004 Weather Video Nov 15, 2004 Lou Video Nov 15, 2004 Gotta Go Video Nov 15, 2004 Stock Video Nov 15, 2004 Awkward Silence Video Nov 15, 2004 Eraq Video Nov 15, 2004

Record & Mix

Title Medium Date
Knights trade blows--and fashion recommendations--in PS4 spot Video Sep 04, 2018

Recording Studio

Title Medium Date
Hummer: Brief Case Video Aug 17, 2006
Hummer: Parking Garage Video Aug 17, 2006
Hummer: Home Video Aug 17, 2006
Hummer: Gas Station Video Aug 17, 2006
Volkswagen: Synchronicity Video May 15, 2006
Radio Shack: Polly Video Mar 16, 2006


Title Medium Date
A Japanese woman hugs her parents for the first time in Ford's Mother's Day tearjerker Video May 14, 2018

Sound Company

Title Medium Date
ESPN: Caroline Video Apr 07, 2010
ESPN: Fantasy Trade Video Apr 07, 2010

Sound Design

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Sound Design/Arrangement

Title Medium Date
BMW: 0 to Desir3 in 5.9 Seconds Interactive (image) Feb 17, 2012

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
These Annoying Millennials Actually Have an Important Message for You Video Nov 18, 2015
Foot Locker and Russell Westbrook Mock Every 'Sporty' Commercial Ever Video Dec 09, 2014
Foot Locker: Harden Soul Music Video Video Aug 15, 2013
James Harden Wears His Shirt Open So You Can See His Chest, for Foot Locker Video Aug 15, 2013
: 12 Days of Relief Video Dec 26, 2012
Athenos: Video Chat Video May 11, 2012
UNICEF: Tap Project 2012: The Power of a Glass Video Feb 17, 2012
Method: Shiny Suds Video Nov 18, 2009
Daffy's: Fitting Dance Video Oct 28, 2009

Sound Mix Company

Title Medium Date
CFDA: Womenswear Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Riccardo Tisci Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Vera Wang Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Accessories Video Jun 11, 2013
Singing Male Models and Thespian Catwalkers Introduce CFDA's 2013 Awards Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Swarovski Video Jun 11, 2013
CFDA: Tim Blanks Video Jun 10, 2013

Sound Mixer

Title Medium Date
Snickers Dark: Brothers Video Jun 18, 2007

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Russell Westbrook Shares Some Unofficial 'Stats' in Ad for Foot Locker Video Feb 07, 2017

VO Record and Mix

Title Medium Date
It's Not Just the Ladies Who Wonder About Axe's New Mystery Man Video Dec 22, 2014


Title Medium Date
Speed Demon Sir Malcolm Campbell is Star of Droga5's New 'Wild Rabbit' Spot for Hennessy Video Nov 04, 2013