Title Medium Date
Gatorade: The Boy Who Learned to Fly (The Making Of) Video Jul 20, 2016
Usain Bolt's Fears Give Way to Joy in Gatorade's Uplifting Olympics Tale Video Jul 20, 2016

Music and Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Toyota: Cars for Good Interactive (image) May 10, 2011
Tassimo: Brewbot Beats Video Nov 18, 2010

Music Arrangement

Title Medium Date
Toyota: Thin Ice Video Feb 09, 2018
Coca-Cola: Super Bowl 2018 - The Wonder of Us - print ad Print (image) Feb 01, 2018
Coke Plugs Diversity, and Soda, in a Poetic Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018

Music Composer

Title Medium Date
Sling TV: Take Back TV Video Jul 20, 2015

Music/Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Steven Tyler Passes Judgment on Skittles Art in Super Bowl Spot Video Feb 02, 2016

Original Music

Title Medium Date
Verizon Fios' New Spokesgirl Will School You in Football Video Sep 30, 2013