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Nissan worked backwards to create eye-popping debut ad for the Kicks crossover Video Jul 11, 2018

Audio Post

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Best of 2015 #8 TV/Film: A Mom's Social Media Post Shatters Lives in AT&T's Gut-Wrenching Ad Video Jul 20, 2015


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TruTV Pokes Fun at Glossy TV Promos in Brand Relaunch Ads Video Dec 01, 2016


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Jeff Bridges Puts You to Sleep for Squarespace's Super Bowl Campaign Video Jan 28, 2015 Wants the White House to Guarantee Paid Vacation for All Americans Interactive (image) Jul 17, 2014


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Getting locked out spells doggie disaster without a Duracell battery Video May 21, 2018
Under Armour's Rousing Ad Leaves Stephen Curry's Past Behind Video Oct 24, 2016
Southern Comfort Introduces a 'Young Gun' in Latest Spot Video Jun 18, 2014
Would You F**K You? Video Apr 16, 2013
CC Sabathia Makes Fashion Statement in New ESPN Spot Video Apr 16, 2013
Norelco: Interactive (image) Apr 16, 2013
Norelco: I'd Beach Me Video Apr 16, 2013
American Airlines: Change is in the air Video Jan 17, 2013
Weight Watchers: Lady Charles Barkley Video Apr 02, 2012
Jordan Brand: Explosive Water Projections- Best of 2011 PD #10 Video Oct 21, 2011
ESPN: Plumber Video Aug 23, 2011
ESPN: Animal Control Video Aug 23, 2011
NHL: No Words Video Jun 03, 2010
WebVet: Shrub Video Jul 17, 2009


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A Woman Ages Vibrantly Through Her Impulsive, Chocolate-Eating Life in This Dove Ad Video Aug 22, 2016