Steve Sage

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Microsoft: Head to Head Video Aug 13, 2014
Microsoft Continues to Flip the 'Mac v. PC' Strategy With New Surface Pro Ads Video Aug 13, 2014
Microsoft Pulls a 'Mac vs. PC' to Promote Cortana Video Jul 28, 2014
Walmart: Bike Video Nov 07, 2007
Citibank: Train Video Jan 12, 2006
Citibank: Steak Video Jan 12, 2006
BMW: Back Seat Video Jun 30, 2004
Citi: Flaps Video Oct 29, 2003
Citi: Outfit Video Oct 29, 2003
Citi: Geek Video Oct 29, 2003
BMW: Rain Cutter Video Dec 02, 2002


Title Medium Date
Walmart: Frank the Fruitcake Interactive (image) Dec 05, 2011

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Purina: Horse Video Apr 22, 2016

Vice President/Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Purina encourages owners to reconnect with their horses in this tearjerker about a girl and her Clydesdale Video Jun 01, 2018