Suzanne Wieringo

Broadcast Business Affairs Supervisor

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Karate Is Therapy for Moving House in Latest From Geico Video Mar 19, 2018

Business Affairs Supervisor

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Dr. Ruth shares tips on how to 'sling' in Sling TV's fun spots Video Aug 07, 2018
Sling TV: Seven Night Stand Video Aug 07, 2018
Sling TV: Don't fake it Video Aug 07, 2018
A Couple Gets the Wrong Idea About 'Slinging' in First Sling TV Work From the Martin Agency Video Mar 14, 2018
Geico Resurrects '80s PSA Character McGruff the Crime Dog in Latest Funny Ad Video Mar 07, 2018
Geico Keeps Interrupting Its Own Ads in Latest Pre-Roll Campaign Video Feb 08, 2018
Geico: Sloth Video Nov 09, 2017
A Buckingham Palace Guard Has a Casual Friday in Geico's Latest Spot Video Oct 26, 2017
A Manic Triangle Soloist Takes Center Stage in Geico's Latest Funny Spot Video Sep 19, 2017
Geico: The Art of the Squeeze with Ice T Video Sep 12, 2016
Ice T Runs a Lemonade Stand in This Funny Geico Spot Video Sep 09, 2016
Tic Tac: Little Adventures - Diving with Sharks Video Aug 29, 2016
Tic Tac: Little Adventures -Launching into Space Video Aug 29, 2016
Tic Tac: Little Adventures - Riding a Waterfall Video Aug 29, 2016
Tic Tacs Embark on Miniature Adventures in This Cute Campaign Video Aug 29, 2016
Geico Taps 'Big Name' for Latest Funny Spot Video Jul 25, 2016
Brotein Shake-Drinking, Broritto-Eating Bros Get You Pumped for Geico Video Jan 04, 2016
Mom Calls at the Worst Possible Time in This Very Funny Geico Ad Video Dec 21, 2015
Geico Helps You Create Your Own Version of Europe's 'Final Countdown Interactive (image) Sep 11, 2015
Civil War-Style Etchings Convey the Fierce Excitement of Cycling's World Championships in Richmond Print (image) Sep 09, 2015
Dora the Explorer Makes a Guest Appearance in Geico's Latest Ad Video Apr 27, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 1 TV/Film: Geico's Pre-Roll Ads Are Literally Unskippable Video Feb 27, 2015
Geico Knows You're Tired of Pre-Rolls, so These Are Different Video Feb 27, 2015
What Does Making Poor Decisions in a Horror Movie Have to Do With Geico? Video Sep 30, 2014

Group Talent Director

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Did You Know? The Pyramids Were a Giant, Giant Mistake Video Aug 12, 2013
You Know About '15 Minutes,' But Did You Know Owls Aren't That Wise? Video Jul 02, 2013
Geico: Old McDonald Video Jul 01, 2013
Geico: Night Vision Video Nov 29, 2012