The Cutting Room


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Edit Company

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An Opera Singer Vocalizes the Delights of PlayStation Gaming in Spot for PS4 Pro Video Feb 01, 2018

Editing Company

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Spike TV: The Duffy Twins Short Film Video Oct 18, 2012

Editing House

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Miller High Life: Life Goes Big for the Little Guys Video Feb 05, 2010


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People Do Disgusting Things With Their Breath in Funny Ads for Dentyne Video Feb 17, 2016
Newcastle Begins The Longest Tease Ever for Super Bowl 2016 Video Feb 04, 2015
Newcastle Stuffs 37 Brands Into Its Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 27, 2015
Aubrey Plaza Can't Get Excited Enough in Newcastle's Latest Super Bowl Announcement Video Jan 21, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 3 Integrated/IX: Newcastle and Aubrey Plaza Ask Other Brands to Chip in for Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 12, 2015
Trojan: Covered Video Apr 03, 2014
Trojan: Miss You Video Jan 28, 2014
Trojan: Birthday Video Jan 28, 2014
Trojan Brings Sex Into The All-American Family In Latest Spots Video Jan 28, 2014
MiO: MIO Fit -- Superbowl XLVII Video Jan 29, 2013
UNICEF: Celebrity Tap - Rihanna Video Apr 05, 2011

Editorial Company

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Dish Network: Cowboys Video Oct 04, 2011
Dish Network: Cake Video Oct 04, 2011
Dish Network: Celebration Video Oct 04, 2011
Dish Network: Lunch Video Oct 04, 2011
Dish Network: Mailman Video Oct 04, 2011
UNICEF: Celebrity Tap - Selena Video Apr 05, 2011
SPDR: Buried Treasure Video Jun 22, 2009

Editorial/Post Production

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GoDaddy: YourBigIdea.Co -- Super Bowl XLVII Video Jan 25, 2013

Post Production Company

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Don't Let Applegate's Dodgy Cow Man Distract You With His Pecs Video May 04, 2015
Applegate: Green Leaf Video May 04, 2015


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From Marilyn to the Terminator: Jeep Highlights Its Cultural Connections in Super Bowl 50 Spot Video Feb 07, 2016