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Dr. Ruth shares tips on how to 'sling' in Sling TV's fun spots Video Aug 07, 2018
Geico's World Cup effort scores with a super-long goal 'slide' Video Jun 15, 2018
Purina encourages owners to reconnect with their horses in this tearjerker about a girl and her Clydesdale Video Jun 01, 2018


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Karate Is Therapy for Moving House in Latest From Geico Video Mar 19, 2018
A Couple Gets the Wrong Idea About 'Slinging' in First Sling TV Work From the Martin Agency Video Mar 14, 2018
Geico Resurrects '80s PSA Character McGruff the Crime Dog in Latest Funny Ad Video Mar 07, 2018
Geico Keeps Interrupting Its Own Ads in Latest Pre-Roll Campaign Video Feb 08, 2018
Land O'Lakes Challenged Football Players to the 'Farm Bowl' in Minneapolis Print (image) Feb 02, 2018
Watch the Geico Gecko and Colleagues Reenact Every Conference Call Ever Video Dec 05, 2017
Geico: Sloth Video Nov 09, 2017
Randy Jackson Judges a 'Dawg' Show for Geico Video Nov 06, 2017
A Buckingham Palace Guard Has a Casual Friday in Geico's Latest Spot Video Oct 26, 2017
He-Man and Skeletor Meet (Again), Courtesy of Geico Video Sep 25, 2017
Timberland PRO: Lifting Video Sep 19, 2017
Comfortable Work Gear Makes Up for an Awkward Work Moments in This Timberland Campaign Video Sep 19, 2017
A Manic Triangle Soloist Takes Center Stage in Geico's Latest Funny Spot Video Sep 19, 2017
Benjamin Moore Built a Massive Version of Its Name to Show Off Its Latest Product Video Jul 31, 2017
Man Gets Caught in a Bulldog Stampede in Latest Funny Geico Ad Video Jul 06, 2017
Boyz II Men Make Even Flatulence Sound Sexy in Geico's Latest Spot Video Jun 12, 2017
Count Down to National Hummus Day With These Cute Sabra Videos Video May 04, 2017
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Past Week Video Apr 10, 2017
Geico's Gecko and Groot Join Forces in Insurer's Biggest-Ever Cross-Branding Tie-Up Video Apr 03, 2017
A Life Size Stop-Motion Painting Demonstrates Benjamin Moore's Century Paint Video Mar 10, 2017
Geico's New Pre-Roll Ads Are Literally 'Condensed for Your Convenience' Video Feb 07, 2017
Geico Updates the Getaway Car Scene for the Uber Era in Latest Spot Video Feb 06, 2017
A Rescue Horse Finds Holiday Joy in This Heartwarming Purina Spot Video Dec 16, 2016
Geico's 'Great Answer' Is So Great It Could Save You in Court Video Dec 06, 2016
A Sumo Wrestler Is a Delicate Creature on the Ice in Geico's Latest Funny Ad Video Nov 22, 2016
Raccoons Get 'Racookin' in Their Own Food Vlogs for Geico Video Oct 24, 2016
Delete Your Instagram Food Posts and Land O'Lakes Will Donate Meals to the Hungry Interactive (image) Sep 21, 2016
A Stunt-Riding Biker Trashes a Workplace in Timberland Pro Spot Video Sep 20, 2016
Chevy Teams With IBM's Watson to Give 'Positive' People Free Gas Video Sep 14, 2016
Geico: The Art of the Squeeze with Ice T Video Sep 12, 2016
Ice T Runs a Lemonade Stand in This Funny Geico Spot Video Sep 09, 2016
Tic Tacs Embark on Miniature Adventures in This Cute Campaign Video Aug 29, 2016
Thomas Jane Plays the 'World's Biggest Asshole' in This Very Surprising Film Video Aug 04, 2016
Geico Taps 'Big Name' for Latest Funny Spot Video Jul 25, 2016
Purina: Horse Video Apr 22, 2016
Animals Speak Louder Than Words in These Copy-Light Purina Ads Print (image) Apr 22, 2016
A Stubby-Armed Alligator Make the 'Perfect' Excuse in Latest From Geico Video Mar 29, 2016
Benjamin Moore Questions Its Own Paint in Latest Campaign Video Mar 14, 2016
Geico's New Campaign Is Really Unskippable Video Feb 29, 2016
Adam Lambert Fronts Tune for Oreo's Global 'Open Up' Ad Promoting Diversity Video Jan 19, 2016
Explore Fifty Years of Martin Agency Work on Its Anniversary Website Interactive (image) Jan 12, 2016
Brotein Shake-Drinking, Broritto-Eating Bros Get You Pumped for Geico Video Jan 04, 2016
Mom Calls at the Worst Possible Time in This Very Funny Geico Ad Video Dec 21, 2015
A Grumpy Tree Ornament Reconnects With Wonder in Oreo's Holiday Spot Video Nov 16, 2015
Craig Robinson Reworks Christmas Songs for Walmart Shoppers in Holiday Spots Video Nov 06, 2015
Walmart: Holiday Boyfriend Video Nov 06, 2015
Geico Helps You Create Your Own Version of Europe's 'Final Countdown Interactive (image) Sep 11, 2015
Civil War-Style Etchings Convey the Fierce Excitement of Cycling's World Championships in Richmond Print (image) Sep 09, 2015
A Buggy With Its Own Refrigeration, Holographic Generator and Bubbles -- Really? Video Aug 28, 2015
Not Even a Kraken Fazes Golf Commentators in Geico's Latest Laffer Video Aug 11, 2015
Clap to Play This Cute Congratulatory Video for Benjamin Moore Interactive (image) Jun 08, 2015
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Goes 'Cray Cray' Playing the Supreme Court Justices Video May 29, 2015
Oreo Welcomes Princess Charlotte With a Nod to 'Little Royals' Everywhere Video May 04, 2015
Dora the Explorer Makes a Guest Appearance in Geico's Latest Ad Video Apr 27, 2015
Supreme Court Justices Will Be Invited to So Many Same-Sex Weddings Interactive (image) Apr 01, 2015
Benjamin Moore: Baby's Room Video Mar 25, 2015
Benjamin Moore: Tough Plant Video Mar 25, 2015
Clueless Puppets Give Bad Home Improvement Advice in Ads for Benjamin Moore Video Mar 25, 2015
A Free-Range Chicken Takes a Roadtrip (and Selfies) in Geico Ad Video Mar 10, 2015
Best of 2015 No. 1 TV/Film: Geico's Pre-Roll Ads Are Literally Unskippable Video Feb 27, 2015
Geico: Cleaning Video Feb 27, 2015
Geico: Highfive Video Feb 27, 2015
Geico Knows You're Tired of Pre-Rolls, so These Are Different Video Feb 27, 2015
Jose Molla and Ted Royer Are Talking Pencils in The One Show's 2015 Call for Entries Video Jan 13, 2015
Now Every Day is 'Hump Day,' and Camels Hate It Video Dec 19, 2014
Moen Inspires Inventors to Solve Some Everyday Problems Video Oct 07, 2014
What Does Making Poor Decisions in a Horror Movie Have to Do With Geico? Video Sep 30, 2014
Best of 2014 #5 Print/Outdoor/Design: Bring the Green Monster Home With Benjamin Moore's New Line of Red Sox-Themed Paint Video Aug 11, 2014
Oreo: Mel's Mini Mini Mart Video Jun 23, 2014
Oreo's Newest 'Wonderfilled' Execution Goes Mini with Chromeo Video Jun 23, 2014
JFK Unspoken Speech: JFK Unspoken Speech Video May 15, 2014
Mad Men Cast Advertises Fictional Products in AMC Ads Targeting Emmy Voters Print (image) May 15, 2014
Pinocchio Has A (Disastrous) Try At Motivational Speaking In Latest Geico Spot Video Feb 20, 2014
What Can You Do With Oreo Cookie Balls? Video Dec 05, 2013
JFK Lives On, 50 Years After His Death Video Nov 15, 2013
Painters and Contractors Get The Fright of Their Lives in Benjamin Moore Stunt Video Oct 16, 2013
Geico: Silence Your Cell Phone -- Lobby Video Oct 02, 2013
The GEICO Camel Returns -- This Time, With a New Fixation Video Oct 02, 2013
Did You Know? The Pyramids Were a Giant, Giant Mistake Video Aug 12, 2013
Rap Duo Chiddy Bang Ponders Sharing Oreos in Latest Wonderfilled Spot Video Jul 31, 2013
Oreo Debuts a New Wistful Tale of Wonder Video Jul 10, 2013
You Know About '15 Minutes,' But Did You Know Owls Aren't That Wise? Video Jul 02, 2013
Geico: Old McDonald Video Jul 01, 2013
Wondering About Bedtime in Oreo's Latest Melody Video Jun 03, 2013
Fight Off The Cicadas Online, If Not In Your Backyard Interactive (image) Jun 03, 2013
'It's Hump Day!' is No. 3 in Our 'Best of Film' Countdown Video May 22, 2013
Oreo Unveils New Animated Campaign, 'Wonderfilled' Video May 13, 2013
Oreo: Wonderfilled :30 Video May 13, 2013
Pillsbury Dough Boy Stars in New Geico Ad Video Mar 27, 2013
American Cancer Society: Finish the Fight: Unfunded Research Video Mar 04, 2013
Def Leppard: When Love & Hate Collide Album Cover Interactive (image) Feb 15, 2013
Geico: Basket Video Feb 07, 2013
Geico: Date Video Jan 17, 2013
Pizza Hut: Hut Hut Hut Video Jan 14, 2013
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: The Chihuly App Interactive (image) Dec 05, 2012
: Lincoln Hair Gallery -- 2 Print (image) Nov 16, 2012
: Lincoln Hair Gallery Print (image) Nov 16, 2012
JFK Library: Clouds Over Cuba Preview Video Oct 16, 2012
Morgan Stanley: What If? -- 5 Print (image) Sep 25, 2012
Morgan Stanley: What If? -- 2 Print (image) Sep 25, 2012
Morgan Stanley: What If? -- 6 Print (image) Sep 25, 2012
Morgan Stanley: What If? -- 3 Print (image) Sep 25, 2012
Morgan Stanley: What If? -- 1 Print (image) Sep 25, 2012
Morgan Stanley: What If? -- 4 Print (image) Sep 25, 2012
Comcast: Sasquatch Video Sep 14, 2012
Comcast: Easy v. Hard Video Sep 14, 2012
Comcast: Hospital Video Sep 14, 2012
Comcast: Whale Video Sep 14, 2012
JFK Library: One Small Tweet Interactive (image) Sep 14, 2012
ExxonMobile: Touchdown Video Aug 22, 2012
: Twitterich Interactive (image) Jun 25, 2012
Comcast: Vignette Video May 24, 2012
Comcast: Date Night Video May 24, 2012
JFK Presidential Library and Museum: Moon Print (image) Feb 28, 2012
JFK Presidential Library and Museum: Peace Print (image) Feb 28, 2012
JFK Presidential Library and Museum: Krush Print (image) Feb 28, 2012
JFK Presidential Library and Museum: Bay of Pigs Print (image) Feb 28, 2012
: Robin's Egg Interactive (image) Feb 14, 2012
Geico: Home Security Video Jan 27, 2012
Geico: In Shape Video Jan 27, 2012
Geico: Dating Video Jan 27, 2012
Mentos: Spider Swiper Interactive (image) Jan 17, 2012
Walmart: Yodeling Cat Video Dec 08, 2011
Walmart: Frank the Fruitcake Interactive (image) Dec 05, 2011
Walmart: Big Sister Video Nov 11, 2011
Barnardo's: Lovestruck Video Nov 01, 2011
Barnardo's: Grandma Video Nov 01, 2011
Walmart: Baby Comedian Video Oct 17, 2011
Walmart: Dance Video Oct 17, 2011
Mentos: Choose Up2U Interactive (image) Sep 19, 2011
Walmart: Theatre Video Aug 19, 2011
Walmart: Urgent Care Video Aug 19, 2011
Walmart: Frat House Video Aug 19, 2011
Superuseless Superpowers: Superuseless Superpowers (2) Print (image) Jul 13, 2011
Walmart: Barbie Video Jun 13, 2011
Mentos: UP2U Launch Print (image) May 18, 2011
Walmart: Mudpies Video Apr 22, 2011
Walmart: Younger Skin Video Apr 22, 2011
Walmart: Horn Video Apr 13, 2011
Walmart: Driving Video Apr 13, 2011
Walmart: Stuck Video Apr 13, 2011
Mentos: Cobras Video Mar 02, 2011
American Cancer Society: Happy Birthday Usher Remix Interactive (image) Mar 02, 2011
Mentos: Gum Gallery Interactive (image) Feb 28, 2011
LivingSocial: Bed Video Feb 25, 2011
Mentos: Blade Interactive (image) Feb 16, 2011
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts: Picasso QR Poster Interactive (image) Feb 10, 2011
Moen: Washing Dishes Video Feb 04, 2011
Moen: Brushing Teeth Video Feb 04, 2011
The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum: Our JFK Speech Interactive (image) Jan 19, 2011
American Cancer Society: Devo Video Sep 14, 2010
American Cancer Society: More Birthdays Interactive (image) Sep 14, 2010
JFK Library: JFK For President on Twitter (3) Interactive (image) Aug 31, 2010
JFK Library: JFK For President on Twitter (2) Interactive (image) Aug 31, 2010
JFK Library: JFK For President on Twitter Interactive (image) Aug 31, 2010
Geico: Octopus Video Jul 13, 2010
: We All Love Mike Interactive (image) Mar 05, 2010
BF Goodrich: Nation of Go Interactive (image) Sep 16, 2009
Ping: Sunscreen Video Apr 10, 2009
Ping: Autograph Video Apr 10, 2009
Geico: Numa Numa Guy With Gecko Video Mar 26, 2009
NASCAR: Photo Finish Video Aug 08, 2008
Geico: Mrs. Butterworth Video Mar 21, 2008
: Recycling Project Print (image) Dec 13, 2007
: Recycling Project Print (image) Dec 13, 2007
: Recyling Project Print (image) Dec 13, 2007
: Recycling Project Print (image) Dec 13, 2007
Walmart: Bike Video Nov 07, 2007
Walmart: Quoting Sam Video Sep 19, 2007
UPS: Whiteboard Interactive (image) Feb 06, 2007
Geico: Therapy Video Nov 28, 2006
The Learning Channel: Anthem Video Nov 09, 2006
Geico: Topic Video Oct 17, 2006
Gieco: Airport Video Sep 14, 2006
Jeep: Eagle Eyes Video Sep 27, 2001
MasterCard: The Letter B Video Jan 29, 2001
TiVo: Educational TV Video Sep 27, 2000
Budget Rent-A-Car: Aroma Therapy Candles Video Sep 10, 2000
Old Navy: All Terrain Shorts Video Apr 11, 2000
Tostitos: Cupid Headquarters Video Jan 18, 2000
Levi's: Invisibility Video Aug 20, 1999


Title Medium Date
X Games: Foil the X Games Interactive (image) Jul 02, 2008