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Kids Slam Trump's Wall With the Help of a Boring Toy Video Dec 07, 2017
Beloved Badass Danny Trejo Shines a Light on the 'Tougher Than Tough' Job of Male Caregiving Video Apr 10, 2017
Pearle Vision's Tale About a Boy With Big Glasses Tugs Heavily on Your Heartstrings Video Jan 05, 2017


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Morgan Freeman Gets His Freak on in Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 30, 2018


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A Busker and His Dog Seek New Pastures in This Touching Animated Pet Food Ad Video Mar 10, 2017

Post Production

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A mortage advisor crashes 'The Wizard of Oz' in ad for Halifax Video Apr 30, 2018
Lucozade Revisits Its 'Tomb Raider' Partnership With a Comedic Movie Tie-In Video Feb 26, 2018
Ancestry Digs Into the Diverse DNA of Hockey Players Ahead of the Winter Games Video Feb 09, 2018
Skittles: David Schwimmer Super Bowl Teasers - Sandwich Video Jan 24, 2018
Skittles: David Schwimmer Super Bowl Teasers - Puppet Video Jan 24, 2018
Skittles: David Schwimmer Super Bowl Teasers - Floating Video Jan 24, 2018
David Schwimmer Wears a Lot of Wigs in Skittles' Super Bowl Ad (That You Won't Get to See) Video Jan 24, 2018
The Ad Council Asks You to 'Seize the Awkward' in Comedic Suicide Prevention PSAs Video Jan 19, 2018
Barnardo's: The Awkward Silence Friendship Video Jan 19, 2018
Skittles Is Making a Super Bowl Ad for Only One Person Video Jan 16, 2018
Best of 2017 TV/Film--No. 1: Audi's Clown-Themed Ad Is Totally Killer Video Sep 28, 2017

Post Production Company

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You can't call people giants: Lucozade puts a PC spin on 'David and Goliath' Video Apr 23, 2018
Walkers takes a nostalgia trip in a charming 70-year anniversary spot Video Apr 09, 2018

Visual Effects

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Visual Effects and Design

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John Oliver Rants About HBO's New Brand Campaign, and Then the Campaign Devours Him Video Apr 07, 2017

Visual Effects and Finish

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Dogs Pick Their Owners in This Pedigree Adoption Ad Video Apr 28, 2017

Visual Effects Company

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Bud Light Tries to Resurrect Its Punchline Personality in Ad Evoking 'Game of Thrones' Video Aug 25, 2017