Tim Farrell


Title Medium Date
Fage: Plain Extraordinary Video Mar 02, 2011

Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Coca-Cola: That's Gold - Gold Actions Video Jul 13, 2016
Coca-Cola's Joyous Olympics Campaign Captures the Feeling of Gold Video Jul 13, 2016
These Annoying Millennials Actually Have an Important Message for You Video Nov 18, 2015
Khaleesi Uses Google Play to Amp Up for 'Game of Thrones' Return Video Mar 27, 2013
Nokia: Leevi E71 Video Dec 10, 2008

Flame/Visual Effects Artist

Title Medium Date
Budweiser's Clydesdales Will Sit Out the Super Bowl Video Jan 25, 2018

Online Artist

Title Medium Date
Ikea: Living Room Video Sep 26, 2006

Online Editor

Title Medium Date
Google Chrome: Dear Sophie Video May 04, 2011
Google Chrome: Translate Video Apr 20, 2010
Google Chrome: Extensions Video Apr 20, 2010
Puma: Tortoise+Hare Video Dec 13, 2005
Puma: Wolf+Lamb Video Dec 13, 2005

Smoke Artist

Title Medium Date
: Demo Slam - Rushmore Interactive (image) Oct 20, 2010
: Demo Slam - 20 Ft. Search Interactive (image) Oct 20, 2010
Florence and the Machine: Dog Days Are Over Video Mar 11, 2010
Daffy's: Fitting Dance Video Oct 28, 2009

Visual Effects Artist

Title Medium Date
Google Chrome: Speed Tests Video May 05, 2010
Google Chrome: Making of Speed Tests Video May 04, 2010
Virgin Mobile: Nickel Knowledge Video Mar 16, 2006

Visual Effects/Lead Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Heineken's Latest Social Experiment Gives Six Unsuspecting Souls the Evening of Their Lives Video Apr 02, 2014