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Shh! Sunday morning is quality time with football, son Video Aug 10, 2018
NFL: Thursday Night Football - Waladoo Video Aug 10, 2018
Dr. Ruth shares tips on how to 'sling' in Sling TV's fun spots Video Aug 07, 2018
Sling TV: Seven Night Stand Video Aug 07, 2018
Sling TV: Don't fake it Video Aug 07, 2018
Who's happy with the direction of Trump's America? These scary people, says new ad Video Jul 20, 2018
A dad gets his 'bod' in better shape for something truly important Video Jun 12, 2018


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Clive Owen can't fix the world, but maybe businesses can Video Apr 09, 2018
Helpless Stars Come Out to Ask Google for Help in Brand's Oscars Ad Video Mar 04, 2018
A Resourceful Kitty Delivers Holiday Magic in This Adorable New York Lottery Ad Video Nov 28, 2017
FedEx: Conspiracy Bookstore Video Oct 23, 2017
FedEx: Buyout Video Oct 23, 2017
The Corner Office Takes on a Whole New Meaning in Funny Work From Fedex Video Oct 23, 2017
Microsoft: Surface Pro - Doodle a Heart Video Aug 29, 2016
These Hilarious Ads Might Make You Think Seriously About Microsoft's Surface Pro Video Aug 29, 2016
DirecTV: Cable You - Tony Romo Video Aug 11, 2016
The 'DirecTV You' Sings Karaoke With Eli Manning in Spots Promoting NFL Sunday Ticket Video Aug 11, 2016
DirecTV: Cable You - Andrew Luck Video Aug 11, 2016
DirecTV: Now You Can Video Aug 11, 2016
Twix: Right Twix Taste Montage Video Mar 10, 2016
Left Twix or Right Twix? America Will Decide Video Mar 10, 2016
Foot Locker: Borrowed Video Feb 10, 2016
Kevin Hart Unveils a Ridiculous Fashion Line in Latest Foot Locker Ads Video Feb 10, 2016
The New York Lottery Has an Amazing Idea for Taming That Cord Monster Video Feb 10, 2016
It's Not Applebees, It's ESPN Video Jul 13, 2015
ESPN: Roger, the Allergy Medicine Actor Video Jul 13, 2015
ESPN: Trevor, the Shampoo Commercial Actor Video Jul 13, 2015
Krylon: Chair Video Jul 07, 2015
Krylon: WateringCan Video Jul 07, 2015
Yard Sale Upcycling Gets Competitive in Humorous Spots for Krylon Video Jul 07, 2015
These NYC Tourists Want More Than Just a Selfie With Jason Sudeikis Video Apr 21, 2015
This Glass of Guinness Waits for Someone Special Video Jul 07, 2014
Teen Lives out his Future in Category-defying Banking Spot Video Jun 10, 2014
Rad! Alf, Teddy Ruxpin & Kareem Abdul Jabbar Star in Delta's '80s In-flight Safety Video Video Jan 28, 2014
Guess Who Else Really Must! Have! Wheat Thins! Video Sep 20, 2013
U.S Cellular Ad Shows the Horror of Life Without Cell Service Video Sep 16, 2013
Blake Griffin Says He Loves Foot Locker. But How Do We Know He's Telling the Truth? Video Aug 07, 2013
Blake Griffin Matches Up With A Kid With Crazy Swagger in Jordan Brand Spot Video Aug 02, 2013
Turn Sax-Playing Buzzkillers Back into Your Friends with Snickers Video Jul 02, 2013
Would You F**K You? Video Apr 16, 2013
Norelco: Interactive (image) Apr 16, 2013
Norelco: I'd Beach Me Video Apr 16, 2013
Little Caesars: No Call Interactive (image) Jul 30, 2012
Little Caesars: Fishing Video Jun 26, 2012
Little Caesars: Babe Video Jun 26, 2012
Target: Color Changes Everything Video Feb 13, 2012
Foot Locker: Snow Dunk Video Feb 01, 2012
Geico: Zip Line Video Jan 06, 2012
Foot Locker: Support Video Dec 08, 2011
Monster: Crime Scene Video Sep 21, 2009
Monster: Doctor's Exam Video Sep 20, 2009

Grade Artist

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Bud Light's 'Bud Knight' Gallops Into 'Dilly Dilly' Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018
Bud Light: Super Bowl 2018 - Ye Olde Pep Talk 30s Video Jan 31, 2018

Head of Color

Title Medium Date
Bud Light's 'Bud Knight' Gallops Into 'Dilly Dilly' Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018
Bud Light: Super Bowl 2018 - Ye Olde Pep Talk 30s Video Jan 31, 2018

Senior Colorist

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Knights trade blows--and fashion recommendations--in PS4 spot Video Sep 04, 2018


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Captain Morgan Celebrates National Rum Day with New Adventure Video Aug 15, 2013
Who is Captain Morgan? His Crew Speaks Video Jun 26, 2013
Meet the Crew - Film Teaser Video Jun 26, 2013
Captain Morgan: Meet the Crew - The Navigator Video Jun 26, 2013
Captain Morgan: Meet the Crew - The Maidens Video Jun 26, 2013
Virgin Mobile: 100% Human Hair Video Nov 20, 2006
Virgin Mobile: Pig Wrestler Video Nov 20, 2006
Nikon: Kate Video Apr 13, 2006
ESPN Mobile: Sports Heaven Video Feb 05, 2006

Telecine Artist

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Watch an M&M Become Danny DeVito in Candy's Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 29, 2018
A School Shooting Is Tomorrow's News in Another Chilling PSA From Sandy Hook Promise Video Dec 11, 2017
Snickers Designs Ridiculous Products for Your Combined Hunger Symptoms Video Mar 07, 2016
Snickers: Crisper - Figure Drawing Video Jan 11, 2016
Does Hunger Ever Make You 'Dimpatient?' Snickers' Ads for Crisper Warn of Combined Symptoms Video Jan 11, 2016


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Starburst: Tashi Video Oct 09, 2006
Starburst: Kiki Video Oct 09, 2006
Staples: Tree Video Aug 31, 2006
Combos: Grace Video May 12, 2006
Combos: Video Game Video May 12, 2006
Combos: Dinner Video May 12, 2006
Combos: Heart to Heart Video May 12, 2006
Combos: Fever Video May 12, 2006
Starburst: Factory Video Apr 27, 2006