Todd Tilford

Chief Creative Officer

Title Medium Date
FanDuel: Two Man Sled Video Sep 01, 2016
Fiat: Not a Toy Car Video Aug 09, 2016
Fiat: Two for One Video Aug 09, 2016
Fiat: Around the World Video Aug 09, 2016
Fiat: Take it for a Spin Video Aug 08, 2016
GOAAAAAL! Mich Ultra Shows How a Soccer Announcer Does Golf Video Aug 08, 2016
Michelob Ultra: Workout Face Video Aug 05, 2016
Kolcraft: The Baby Stroller Test-Ride by Contours Video Jul 05, 2016
Fiat: Free Like a Bird Video May 13, 2016
Radio Flyer: Super Race Car Video Mar 30, 2016
Farts Are Funny But They Could Be a Warning Sign, Says Colon Cancer PSA Video Mar 04, 2016
Meredith's Miracles Colon Cancer Foundation: Keep Farts Funny Video Mar 03, 2016
Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl Spot Looks Like a Sports Ad Video Feb 04, 2016
Cox: Grandpa's Rave Video Dec 15, 2015
Valspar: PSA Video Oct 16, 2015
Michelobe Ultra: Night Club Video Oct 13, 2015
Faceless Statues Serve as a Heartbreaking Reminder of Gun Violence in Chicago Print (image) Apr 24, 2015
Kmart: Valentine's Day Dinner Video Feb 12, 2015
KFC: Arm Wrestling #HowDoYouKFC Video Mar 13, 2014
Kmart's 'Ship My Pants' Gets the Dickens Treatment for Christmas Video Dec 13, 2013
Guys Make Sweet Xmas Music With Their (Jingle) Balls for Kmart Video Nov 15, 2013
Kmart's Layaway is So Good, It's Championed by a Nun Video Nov 12, 2013
The Sweet Sounds of Layaway: Kmart Creates the Weirdest Remix Ever Video Nov 07, 2013
Kmart's New Offer Will Make You Ship Your Pants -- Best of Film #9 Video Apr 12, 2013
KFC: Happy Holidays - Aunts Video Nov 29, 2012
KFC: Happy Holidays - Nephews Video Nov 29, 2012
KFC: Happy Holidays - Uncles Video Nov 29, 2012
Kmart: Halloween Video Oct 22, 2012
Dow: Hopeful Video Jul 11, 2012
Dow: Bread Video Mar 27, 2012
Dow: Train Video Mar 23, 2012
Dow: Giant Chalkboard Interactive (image) Sep 21, 2011


Title Medium Date
NFL: Best Fans Video Feb 04, 2010
Nike: Long Time Coming Video Dec 07, 2007

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
DirecTV: Hot House Video May 18, 2011
DirecTV: I Am Epic Win Video Mar 15, 2011
DirecTV: Don't Just Watch TV Video Nov 01, 2010
DirecTV: Submarine Video Nov 01, 2010
DirecTV: Opulence Video Jul 26, 2010
NFL: Best Fans Video Feb 04, 2010
NFL: Ballet Video Oct 16, 2009
NFL: Same Pair of Shoes Video Aug 17, 2009

Executive Creative Director/Production

Title Medium Date
Go from WWII to a Fire Breathing Dragon, Thanks to DirecTV Video May 21, 2013

Executive Vice President, Chief Creative Officer

Title Medium Date
Create Your Own Mix of the Meow Mix Theme Song Video Aug 08, 2014

Global Executive Vice President, Content and Creative Development

Title Medium Date
Radio Flyer Opens a Children's Travel Agency to Take Kids on Storybook-Worthy Adventures Print (image) Mar 17, 2017