Tom Jucarone

Audio Engineer

Title Medium Date
Puppymonkeybaby Has Competition From Dancing Critters in Latest from Mtn Dew Kickstart Video Apr 27, 2016
Little Caesars: One More Time Video Jan 14, 2014
Kayak: Corner Room With Extra Towels Video Oct 02, 2012

Audio Mixer

Title Medium Date
Simmons: Bullhorn Video May 28, 2015
Simmons: Bullhorn - Online Anthem Video May 28, 2015
A Beautyrest Mattress Can Make You a Super Hero and More. . .Says 'Alert Man' Video May 28, 2015
Simmons: Champagne Video May 28, 2015
Visa Channels Amelia Earhart to Celebrate Olympic Debut of Women's Ski-Jumping Video Jan 13, 2014

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Pizza Hut: Penn and Teller Video Jan 29, 2001


Title Medium Date
Remix 'Candyman' to Celebrate 75 Years of M&Ms Video Mar 02, 2016

Final Mix

Title Medium Date
Foot Locker: Snow Dunk Video Feb 01, 2012
Foot Locker: Support Video Dec 08, 2011


Title Medium Date
Monster's Latest Ad Puts a Giant Purple Twist on 'King Kong' Video Sep 06, 2017
Let Off Steam, Dump Your Ex or Court Superstition -- in Your Spacious BMW Video Oct 05, 2015
BMW: Special Delivery Video Oct 05, 2015
BMW: Superstitions Video Oct 05, 2015
Lincoln: Winning Hand Video Sep 10, 2015
Lincoln: Arrival Video Sep 10, 2015
It's Not Applebees, It's ESPN Video Jul 13, 2015
ESPN: Roger, the Allergy Medicine Actor Video Jul 13, 2015
ESPN: Trevor, the Shampoo Commercial Actor Video Jul 13, 2015
Visa Checkout Gives You a Little Too Much Free Time Video Apr 10, 2015
Johnnie Walker Steps Into 2015 With Inspiring New Year's Ad Video Dec 16, 2014
Droga5 Celebrates Rapper Nas' Legacy in Hennessy Spot Video Dec 03, 2014
Are the Manning Brothers Cool Enough to Rap? Video Aug 07, 2013
Turn Sax-Playing Buzzkillers Back into Your Friends with Snickers Video Jul 02, 2013
Sony Launches New Campaign for the PlayStation 4 Video Jun 12, 2013
Khaleesi Uses Google Play to Amp Up for 'Game of Thrones' Return Video Mar 27, 2013
Old Spice: Irresistible Video Feb 01, 2013
Old Spice: Poker Face Video Feb 01, 2013
Snickers: Coach Video Jan 28, 2013
Kraft MilkBite: Parents Video Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite: Teaser Video Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite: Blind Date Video Feb 09, 2012
Kraft MilkBite: Book Club Video Feb 09, 2012
FedEx: Enchanted Video Dec 02, 2011
Jameson: Lost Barrel Video Oct 19, 2009
NY Lotto: Bunnies Video Oct 06, 2009

Mixer/Audio Post

Title Medium Date
A Powerful Threat Descends on Metropolis in New Playstation 4 Spot Video Mar 07, 2014


Title Medium Date
Is This the Worst (and Funniest) Headphone-Cord Mishap Ever? Video Nov 10, 2015

Sound Design/Mixer

Title Medium Date
Do You Fly Pigeon Class? Video Sep 17, 2013

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
Nike: Hockey is Ours Video Dec 26, 2012

Sound Engineer

Title Medium Date
Starbucks: Stop Texting and Just Talk to Each Other Face-to-Face Already! Video Sep 18, 2014
Starbucks Wants to Hear How Your Date Went Video Sep 18, 2014
Starbucks Wants You to Get a Kick Out of Face-to-Face Meetings Video Sep 18, 2014
CVS Takes a Deep Breath -- and Quits Selling Cigarettes Video Sep 03, 2014

Sound Mix

Title Medium Date
It's Not Just the Ladies Who Wonder About Axe's New Mystery Man Video Dec 22, 2014

Sound Mixer

Title Medium Date
This Campaign Is Encouraging Barbershops to Welcome Transgender People Interactive (image) Jun 21, 2017
Don't Get Mad, Get Uber Rich, Says E-Trade in Latest Campaign Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Hard Work Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Crack Of Noon Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Board Meeting Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Yacht Life Video Jun 19, 2017
Barnardo's: Plane Truth Video Jun 19, 2017
A Garage Door is the Key to Success in Fedex's New Laffer Video May 19, 2014
Wheelchair Athletes Deliver Unexpected Performance in Touching Guinness Ad Video Sep 05, 2013
Blake Griffin Says He Loves Foot Locker. But How Do We Know He's Telling the Truth? Video Aug 07, 2013
NBC: Super Bowl Kick Off Promo Video Feb 06, 2012


Title Medium Date
FedEx: Remotely Video Jan 25, 2013
FedEx: Social Video Jan 25, 2013
FedEx: Santa Video Nov 09, 2012
FedEx: Last Minute Video Nov 09, 2012
FedEx: Campout Video Nov 09, 2012

Visual Effects/Sound Effects

Title Medium Date
: Walk of No Shame Video May 12, 2008