Tony Davidson

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Honda: Decisions Video Jan 18, 2013
Nokia: Gulp Video Aug 03, 2011
Nokia: Happy Navigators Video May 05, 2010
Honda: Everything Video Dec 15, 2009
onedotzero: Adventures in Motion Video Sep 01, 2009
Orange (Romania): Flute Video Sep 04, 2008
Nokia: Stingray Video Jun 04, 2008
Honda: Jump Video Jun 02, 2008
Honda: Problem Playground Video Feb 11, 2008
Nokia: UNITY Print (image) Nov 21, 2007
Honda (UK): Grrr Video Jul 03, 2007
Honda: Cog Video Jul 02, 2007
Honda: Museum/Asimo Video Jun 13, 2007
Honda: Hondamentalism Video May 04, 2007
The Guardian: Color Burst Print (image) Mar 19, 2007
Orange (Romania): Valentine Video Feb 14, 2007
Honda Asimo: Museum Video Dec 15, 2006
Orange (UK): Hide and Seek Video Nov 01, 2006
Orange (Romania): Mouth Video Oct 25, 2006
Honda (UK): Sense Video Jul 11, 2003

Executive Creative Direction

Title Medium Date
Lurpak Takes Us On A Food Odyssey In Spot Urging Cooks To Be Adventurous Video Apr 07, 2014

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
An adorable alien learns how to gab with humans in Babbel's delightful spot Video Apr 09, 2018
Cravendale Introduces the Legend of the Mythical 'Moonicow' Video Aug 04, 2017
Hate Washing Dishes? This 'Musical' by Finish Will Remind You Why Video Jun 12, 2017
This Family Christmas Sing-Along Isn't Quite What You Expect Video Nov 07, 2016
These Virtual Tours of Tiny Kitchens Encourage You to Make Room for a Dishwasher Interactive (image) May 16, 2016
Drag Wrestlers, Bear Tamers and More Star in Kinetic Finlandia Vodka Ad Video Jun 11, 2015
Nature Is Rendered in Intricate Detail in This Mesmerizing Honda Spot Video May 07, 2015
Best of 2014 #3 Interactive/Integrated: An Easygoing Dad Has a Dark Side in This Brilliant Honda Interactive Film Interactive (image) Oct 30, 2014
Trident Unwrapped: Chewing Hands Video Sep 23, 2014
Cravendale Warns Of The Dangers of Dunking In Animated Spot Video Mar 27, 2014
Just Do It, Ladies Video Sep 20, 2013
Honda: Decisions Video Jan 18, 2013
Honda: Off the Grid Interactive (image) Dec 19, 2011
Lurpak: Kitchen Odyssey Video Jan 10, 2011
Honda: Impossible Dream 1.5 Video Apr 26, 2010
Lurpak: Mash Print (image) Sep 16, 2008

Executive Creative Director/Production

Title Medium Date
Nike Football: My Time is Now Video May 18, 2012

Executive Creative Producer

Title Medium Date
Arla Introduces Icelandic Yogurt With Charming Tale of a Town With One Phone Video Apr 19, 2015