Verity Grantham

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Bud Light's 'Bud Knight' Gallops Into 'Dilly Dilly' Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 01, 2018
Bud Light: Super Bowl 2018 - Ye Olde Pep Talk 30s Video Jan 31, 2018
Bud Light: Vendor Video Sep 06, 2017
Bud Light Tries to Resurrect Its Punchline Personality in Ad Evoking 'Game of Thrones' Video Aug 25, 2017
Dos Equis: Summer - Luis Guzman Video Jun 01, 2016
Erin Andrews and Luis Guzman Temp for Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man Video Jun 01, 2016
After 20 Years, Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel Are Still Technophobes, in BMW's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 26, 2015
It's Not Just the Ladies Who Wonder About Axe's New Mystery Man Video Dec 22, 2014
Dos Equis and Oculus Rift Are Throwing a Party and You Could Score an Invite Interactive (image) Oct 29, 2014
Visa Channels Amelia Earhart to Celebrate Olympic Debut of Women's Ski-Jumping Video Jan 13, 2014
Dow: Bread Video Mar 27, 2012
Dow: Train Video Mar 23, 2012

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Hummer: Training Video Jan 24, 2005
Hummer: Wild Video Jan 24, 2005
Hummer: Toboggan Video Dec 06, 2004
Hummer: First Day Video Oct 15, 2004


Title Medium Date
Snickers: NFL/Paleontology Video Aug 20, 2004

Visual Effects Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Jordan's 'Re2pect' Campaign Honoring Derek Jeter Wins Integrated Grand Prix Video Jul 14, 2014

Visual Effects Producer

Title Medium Date
Brutal Fruit: Cupid Video Apr 08, 2005
Brutal Fruit: Mind Control Video Apr 08, 2005
Brutal Fruit: Voodoo Video Apr 08, 2005
Skittles: Blender Hands Video Mar 22, 2005
Skittles: Sheepboys Video Mar 22, 2005
Skittles: Sour Man Video Nov 15, 2004
Skittles: Eric Video Nov 15, 2004
Stereogram: Walkie Talkie Man Video Jun 14, 2004