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Title Medium Date
Baking Ingredients Sing to Paul McCartney in Channel 4's 'Great British Bake Off' Trailer Video Aug 03, 2017
Paddy Power: Bad Behavior Print (image) Aug 19, 2013
Footballers' Bad Behavior Pays Off For Most Ardent Fans in Paddy Power's New Push Video Aug 19, 2013

Audio Facility

Title Medium Date
A Party Host Knows How to Liven Things Up in a Spot From Stella Artois Video Jun 06, 2017

Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Nike (Russia): Aleksandr Maltsev Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia): Nike Elena Fedoseeva Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia): Fedor Smolov Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike is decorating Russia's 'korobka' cages for the World Cup Video Jun 19, 2018
Facebook: Live What You Love (OOH) Print (image) Mar 07, 2018
Facebook: Live What You Love (Sandy) Video Mar 07, 2018
Indians Pursue Their Passions in Facebook Campaign Promoting Groups Video Mar 07, 2018
Facebook: Let's Get To Work OOH Print (image) Jan 24, 2018
Kit Harington Narrates Facebook's Small Business Ad Video Jan 24, 2018
Roger Federer Serves Up Spaghetti for Barilla Video Jan 09, 2018
Guinness Targets Africans With Bold 'Made of Black' Campaign Video Aug 28, 2014
Dapper African Gents Are The Stars Of Guinness' Latest Work Video Jan 13, 2014
Honda: An Impossible Made Possible Making Of Video Oct 18, 2013
Honda Screws With Your Head in New Illusion-Filled European Ad for CR-V Video Oct 18, 2013
Dog's Bad Breath and Granny's Politics Show It's Time to Move Out in New Lloyds Bank Spot Video Sep 24, 2013
BBC: Blast Studio Interactive (image) May 15, 2009
Sony: Bravia-drome Video Feb 23, 2009
Wispa: For the Love of Wispa Video Jan 14, 2009
Sony: Quantum of Solace Video Oct 17, 2008
BT/ParalympicsGB: Superheroes Video Jul 07, 2008
Drench: Brains Video May 12, 2008
Sony: Foam City Video Apr 14, 2008

Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
More David Beckhams Than You Could Hope For Video Jul 15, 2013
Visa: Running Man Video Mar 26, 2008

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Wall's: Thank You Video May 19, 2011

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Facebook: Let's Get To Work OOH Print (image) Jan 24, 2018
Kit Harington Narrates Facebook's Small Business Ad Video Jan 24, 2018
Badass Little Girls Take a Road Trip Round a Holiday Park in This Fun Spot for Haven Video Jan 03, 2018
This Red Cross PSA Highlights How It Feels to Lose a Child by Recreating CCTV Footage Video Dec 11, 2017
TalkTalk Captures the Reality of Christmas Day in Its Fly-on-the-Wall Holiday Ad Video Nov 14, 2017
Macmillan: Life With Cancer: Dad Video May 30, 2017
Macmillan: Life With Cancer: Mates Video May 30, 2017
Macmillan: Life With Cancer: Sister Video May 30, 2017
Cancer Doesn't Define You, Say These Heartrending Ads About Life With the Disease Video May 30, 2017
Marks & Spencer Applies Its 'Spend it Well' Tagline to Food in a Sumptuous Spot Video May 11, 2017
Marks & Spencer Advocates Mindful Living and Comfy Knickers in First Work From Grey Video May 03, 2017
Black and Asian Celebrities Join Forces for an Inspiring U.K. Blood Donation Anthem Video Oct 27, 2016
Crime Meets Couture via Guy Ritchie in Ted Baker's Lavish Fashion Film Video Sep 07, 2016
Sneaky Cheese Lovers Will Relate to This Ad Video Jun 08, 2016
Jeremy Renner Stars in New Global Campaign for Remy Martin Video Oct 20, 2015
Harvey Nichols: Shoplifters (Print) Print (image) Jul 13, 2015
Harvey Nichols' Shoplifting Ad Takes Cannes Film Grand Prix Video Jul 13, 2015
This Baby Animal Choir Is So Adorable It's Ridiculous Video Dec 04, 2014
In This Ultra-Competitive Family, There Can Only Be One Winner... Video Nov 10, 2014
Guinness: Guinness Rugby - Mind Over Matter Video Nov 05, 2014
Guinness: Guinness Rugby - David and Goliath Video Nov 05, 2014
Guinness: Guinness Rugby - Merci Video Nov 05, 2014
Uplifting Guinness Spots Celebrate Rugby's Lesser-Known Legends Video Nov 05, 2014
In Volvo's Beautifully Shot New Ad, the Car Only Plays a Cameo Video Sep 29, 2014
Sainsbury's Launches Its Own 'Life in a Day' Documentary for Christmas Video Nov 13, 2013
Cancer Research Packaging Campaign Has A Surprising Twist Video Nov 11, 2013
M&S Mashes Up Models, Oz and 'Alice in Wonderland' For Blockbuster Christmas Ad Video Nov 04, 2013
Sky: Game of Thrones Video Oct 01, 2013
Joanna Lumley Is A Zombie in Walking Dead Spoof For Sky Video Oct 01, 2013
Grandpa Is Unstoppable in Visa's Latest Spot Video Jun 05, 2013
Guinness: Paint the Town Black Video Aug 17, 2012
Toyota: The Real Deal Video Aug 16, 2012
McDonald's: We All Make the Games Video Jul 16, 2012
McDonald's: We All Make The Games - The Blubbering Wreck Print (image) Jun 28, 2012
McDonald's: We All Make The Games - The Sulky Pants Print (image) Jun 28, 2012
McDonald's: We All Make The Games - The Nervy Peeker Print (image) Jun 28, 2012
McDonald's: We All Make The Games - The Flag-Waving Piggy-Backer Print (image) Jun 28, 2012
Blackberry: Those Who Do Video May 16, 2012
Cadbury: Twirly Gig Video Sep 09, 2011
Time to Change: Reactions Video Mar 22, 2011
BT: The Second Biggest Wedding of the Year Video Mar 02, 2011
Batchelors Super Noodles: Noodle Machine Video Feb 17, 2011
Drench: Cubehead Video Aug 02, 2010
Eurostar: Exploring is Beautiful Video Jul 16, 2010
Carlsberg: Team Talk Video May 10, 2010
Virgin Holidays: Rockstar Service Video May 10, 2010
U.K. Department for Transport: Named Riders Video Mar 01, 2010
McCain: Goodness Unlimited Video Nov 18, 2009
McDonald's: Favorites Video Oct 16, 2009
: Guards Video May 28, 2009
BBC News: Places Video Dec 02, 2008
Mars: Planets Video Sep 19, 2008
Science World: Exciting Discovery Video Sep 11, 2008
Coca-Cola: Bird's Nest Stadium Video Aug 08, 2008
Carlsberg: Goal Celebration Video May 13, 2008
BBC: White Video Mar 04, 2008
Choice FM: Kill The Gun Video Aug 21, 2007
Honda: Cog Video Jul 02, 2007
Barnardo's: Never Give Up Video Jun 29, 2007
Vaseline: Sea of Skin Video Jun 13, 2007
Johnnie Walker: Human Video Jun 13, 2007
Sony PS3: Grenade Video Mar 28, 2007
Sony PS3: Bruce Monologue Video Mar 28, 2007
Sony PS3: Keiji Video Mar 28, 2007
Sony PS3: Cherry Monologue Video Mar 28, 2007
Coca-Cola (UK): Oldham Video Mar 05, 2007
Coca-Cola (UK): Tattoo Video Mar 05, 2007
Coca-Cola (UK): Bury Video Mar 05, 2007
Guinness: Hands Video Feb 12, 2007
HSBC: Mr. Popular Video Jan 08, 2007
Vaseline: Sea Video Dec 18, 2006
Orange (UK): Wind-Up Video Nov 10, 2006
Johnnie Walker: Android Video Oct 16, 2006
Audi: Satellite Video Oct 10, 2006
EA Sports: The Football Video Oct 02, 2006
Beck's: Four Steps Video Jun 29, 2006
Vodafone: Work and Play Video May 05, 2006
British Airways: Clouds Video May 02, 2006
Audi: Fox Video May 02, 2006
Camelot: Migrate Video Apr 27, 2006
Nike: Team Video Apr 19, 2006
Nike: Skill Video Apr 19, 2006
Nike: Joy Video Apr 03, 2006
Nike: Honor Video Apr 03, 2006
Nike: Heart Video Apr 03, 2006
Coca-Cola: Ice Dance Video Feb 09, 2006
Napster: Stripper Video Nov 16, 2005
Smirnoff: Love Video Oct 12, 2005
Orange (UK): Rio Video Sep 29, 2005
DOT (UK): Teens Video Aug 22, 2005
Coca-Cola (UK): Bring Me Sunshine Video Jun 16, 2005
Smirnoff Ice: Garden Video May 11, 2005
ESPN: Juice Can Video Mar 18, 2005
ESPN: Butter Video Mar 18, 2005
ESPN: Petals Video Mar 18, 2005
Levi's (UK): A Midsummer Night's Dream Video Mar 08, 2005
PlayStation 2 (UK): Golfers Video Dec 07, 2004
PlayStation 2 (UK): Traders Video Dec 07, 2004
PlayStation 2 (UK): Athletes Video Dec 07, 2004
PlayStation 2 (UK): Porn Stars Video Dec 07, 2004

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
An Awkward First Date Has a Twist in This Cute McDonald's Spot Video Jun 26, 2015
Virgin Atlantic Brings Your Big Idea to Life in Bold Campaign From Adam & Eve/DDB Video Jan 05, 2015
This Interactive Film Will Really Make You Think About Your Cycle Wear Interactive (image) Dec 11, 2014
Is This Christmas Ad a 'Dangerous and Disrespectful Masterpiece'? Video Nov 13, 2014
Forget Sexting -- Office Flirting Has Never Been Sweeter Than in This Irish Mobile Ad Video Oct 14, 2014
Time to Change: Stand Up Kid Video Sep 17, 2012
Cheestrings: Mr. Cheese Video Aug 19, 2011

Audio Post Production Company

Title Medium Date
An Epic Workout and 'Bus Stop Fitness Sessions' Feature in Lucozade's Campaign to Get People Exercising Video Sep 15, 2016
Alec Baldwin Tours the U.K. to Show Off His Dramatic Delivery in Spot for BT Video Jun 03, 2016
An Emotional Father-Son Moment has a Sobering Twist in British Heart Foundation Spot Video Aug 25, 2015

Audio Post Production Company

Title Medium Date
People's Workouts Bring Power to Refugee Camps in the IOC's Winter Olympics Brand Campaign Interactive (image) Nov 20, 2017
Currys PC World: Spare the Act: Secret Santa Video Nov 05, 2015
Currys PC World: Spare the Act: Turkey Video Nov 05, 2015
Currys PC World: Spare the Act: Foot Talc Video Nov 05, 2015
Currys PC World: Spare the Act: Movies Video Nov 05, 2015
Jeff Goldblum Teaches How to React to Awful Gifts in Hilarious Holiday Spots Video Nov 05, 2015
Orangina Shakes up a Pastel World in a Gorgeous, Quirky U.K. Ad Video Aug 26, 2015

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
A Dad With a Sleeping Baby Shows How 'The Hive' Can Make Your Life Easier Video Jun 26, 2017
A Mirrored World Reveals Two Parallel Lives in This Troubling Youth Charity Spot Video Jun 08, 2016
U.K. Blood Donation Service Uses Rugby Stars' Blood to Make Ads Video Sep 20, 2015
NHSBT Give Blood: Making of the Rose Video Sep 17, 2015
Guess Which Retailer Is Behind This Vibrant, Eye-Popping Ad (Hint: It's Not Target) Video Oct 14, 2014
Women's Aid: Blind Eye Demo Video Dec 11, 2012
Women's Aid: Blind Eye BTS Video Dec 11, 2012
Science World: Beach Time Video Sep 27, 2011
Dell: Streak 5 Rendezvous Video Nov 01, 2010
Guinness: Tipping Point Video Jun 10, 2008
Sky Movies: Billboards Video Aug 01, 2007

Audio Production

Title Medium Date
Shell: Movement Video May 05, 2006


Title Medium Date Infodroid Video Apr 13, 2007 75 Online Video Apr 13, 2007 One Source Video Apr 13, 2007


Title Medium Date
National Health Service (UK): I'd Do Anything - Band Video Feb 12, 2010
National Health Service (UK): I'd Do Anything - Backyard Video Feb 12, 2010
Kia Soul: Hamsters Video Mar 06, 2009

Mix Company

Title Medium Date
Arla Wants You to Make a Mess With Dairy in First W+K Brand Work Video Sep 03, 2014
Nokia: Success Video Mar 21, 2011


Title Medium Date
Keanu Reeves Surfs on a Motorcycle in Squarespace's Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 31, 2018
Bridgestone: Carma Video Feb 06, 2011
BBC Radio 4: Science Fiction Season Video Feb 25, 2009

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Nokia: Maps Video Aug 04, 2008
Barnardo's: Go Beyond Video Jul 11, 2006
Orange (UK): The Ride Video Jul 06, 2006
Nike: Joga Bonito Video Feb 22, 2006
Virgin Money: Nick Jones Video Jan 13, 2006
Honda (UK): Impossible Dream Video Dec 05, 2005
Vodafone: Mayfly Video Oct 24, 2005
Cravendale: The Hinted Video Oct 20, 2005
Stella Artois: Ice Skating Priests Video May 19, 2005

Music+Sound Company

Title Medium Date
Mint Choice Is a Matter of Family Honor in This Zany Trebor Spot Video Apr 20, 2015

Post Production

Title Medium Date
Barnardo's: Footsteps Video Oct 19, 2006


Title Medium Date
UN Women highlights stereotyping in ads in this eye-opening short 'casting call' film Video Jun 26, 2018

Sound Company

Title Medium Date
First Work From Nils Leonard's Uncommon Is a Powerful Campaign About Climate Change Denial Video Mar 06, 2018
McDonald's Spoofs Fragrance Advertising in U.K. Spot for 'Luxury' Burger Range Video Aug 23, 2017
A Kayaker Goes Up the Creek Without a Paddle in McDonald's Latest U.K. Spot Video Aug 17, 2017
Exchanging Money Is Magic in This U.K. Post Office Stunt Video Jun 06, 2016
Barnardo's: Suit Video Sep 06, 2011

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
McDonald's Celebrates 50 Years of Big Macs With a Nostalgia Trip, and Two New Burgers Video Feb 07, 2018
Marks & Spencer Holiday Spot Is a Showstopper, Not a Story Video Nov 06, 2015
A Child Transforms Into a Chilling Shadow Sculpture in Human Appeal's PSA Video Jun 23, 2015
These Women Are Giving Santa Claus a Little Competition Video Nov 07, 2014
Watch Seniors Groove to 'Milkshake' in Vodafone's New Ad Video May 07, 2014
Fuck the Poor, Says the U.K.'s Pilion Trust Charity Video Apr 09, 2014
: Fruitcake, Reinvented Video Dec 11, 2012
Bridgestone: Carma Video Feb 06, 2011
Volkswagen Polo: Last Tango in Compton Video Nov 10, 2010
Coca-Cola: Crave Video Feb 23, 2009
Guinness: Film on 4 Idents Video Dec 04, 2008
Coca-Cola: Bird's Nest Stadium Video Aug 08, 2008
Puma: Until Then Video Feb 15, 2008
Nike: How I Fight Video Jul 05, 2007
Levi's: News Story Video Jun 12, 2007
Ballantine's: Underground Video Apr 23, 2007
HSBC: Bad Boy Video Mar 21, 2007
Sony Handicam: Happy Birthday Video Dec 14, 2006
Levi's: News Story Video Jul 10, 2006 Wanderer Video Mar 13, 2006
Pepsi: Anything Goes Video Feb 28, 2006
XBOX 360: Joy Video Nov 23, 2005
Thousands of Colorful Balls Make for an Ad 'Like No Other' in Sony's Bravia Push Video Oct 27, 2005
Liberty Mutual: Adam and Eve Video May 02, 2005
Liberty Mutual: Troy Video Apr 11, 2005
Velvet (UK): Factory Video May 06, 2004

Sound Design Company

Title Medium Date

Sound Design/Mix

Title Medium Date
Take a Thrilling Journey Into the Heart of Ghana in Smirnoff's Edgy New Film Video Sep 30, 2014

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
Giant Food Items Glide Around a City in This Spot for Delivery Service Deliveroo Video Mar 19, 2018
HSBC Brings New Year Boost to Brexit Britain Video Jan 02, 2018
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Week Video May 19, 2017
Barclays' Rube Goldberg-Style Pre-Roll Ad 'Skips Itself' Video May 16, 2017
Meet the Moms of Past Winners in D&AD's Hilarious Call for Entries Film Video Jan 31, 2017
'Hide' When You See a Disabled Person, Says U.K. Charity Ad Video Sep 19, 2016
How Pot Noodle Could Get You Into the Ring at Las Vegas Video Sep 02, 2015
Happiness Is a Choice, Says Coke in Uplifting Brand Ad Video May 04, 2015
Jonathan Glazer Turns Wildlife Director With This Peaceful Canon Spot Video Dec 03, 2014
Jonathan 'Sexy Beast' Glazer Captures a Truly Insane Italian Ball Game for Canon Video Sep 15, 2014
Not Your Usual Casino Customer Video Sep 23, 2013
Barclays Presents A Poignant Day in the Life of Football Fans Video Aug 16, 2013
Robinsons Ad Finally Gets the Happy Ending it Deserves, Thanks to Andy Murray Video Jul 08, 2013
Virgin Atlantic: Flying in the Face of Ordinary Video Jan 02, 2013
Renault: Kid Video Apr 05, 2012
Hennessy: Manny-Extended Cut Video Apr 03, 2012
Hennessy: Manny Video Apr 03, 2012
Renault: Life in 4 Years Video Feb 06, 2012
Barnardo's: Life Story Video Nov 03, 2011
Barnardo's: Life Story Making Of Video Nov 03, 2011
Yeo Valley: Boyband Video Oct 07, 2011
Honda: Frankfurt Civic Unveil Video Sep 13, 2011
Honda: Frankfurt Auto Show Stand Print (image) Sep 13, 2011
Robinsons: Wimbledon Video Jun 02, 2009
Cravendale: Slurp Video Feb 24, 2009
Cravendale: Bad Bull Video Feb 24, 2009
Motor Neurone Disease Association: Sarah's Story Video Feb 23, 2009
Bridgestone: Taters Video Jan 29, 2009
Levi's: First Time Video Jan 16, 2009
Veuve Amiot: Cork Pop Video Dec 18, 2008
Argos: Last Minute Video Nov 21, 2008
Pepsi: Times Square Video Oct 13, 2008
Cadbury: Gorilla Remix Video Sep 08, 2008
Barnardo's: Knife Crime Video Sep 05, 2008
Levi's: Secrets and Lies Video Aug 07, 2008
Levi's: Unbreakable Video Aug 06, 2008
Levi's: Guitar Video Aug 06, 2008
Trident: Fresh Video Jul 25, 2008
Vodafone: Decisive Moments Video Mar 20, 2008
Thorntons: Stuck Video Dec 05, 2007
Harvey Nichols: Backstage Video Sep 04, 2007
Cadbury Dairy Milk: Gorilla Video Sep 04, 2007
Smirnoff: Sea Video Aug 23, 2007
Sony Bravia: Paint Video Jun 12, 2007
Against Breast Cancer: Anyone Video Feb 08, 2007
Sony Bravia: Paint (SFX only) Video Oct 17, 2006
Heineken: One Big Game Video Sep 14, 2005
Pepsi (UK): Can Fu Video Sep 09, 2004

Sound Engineer

Title Medium Date
Watch David Beckham Promote His Whisky Brand Haig Club in This Guy Ritchie-Directed Ad Video Oct 20, 2014

Sound Facility

Title Medium Date
Lurpak: Kitchen Odyssey Video Jan 10, 2011
The Observer (UK): Gobble-Di-News Video Feb 18, 2010
Lurpak: Pie Video Jan 11, 2010
Honda: Everything Video Dec 15, 2009

Sound Production

Title Medium Date
This Gorgeous, Balletic Film From Lycra Will Inspire You to Move Video Sep 23, 2014
HSBC: Tango Video Jun 14, 2005
Mercedes (UK): Space to Think Video Feb 24, 2005

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
This incontinent silver fox goes on a quest for 'ultimate control' Video Aug 07, 2018

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Maltesers: Accountant Video Apr 23, 2018
A menopausal woman and lesbian accountant show this candy brand doesn't shy away from diversity Video Apr 23, 2018
A Young Girl Finds the Most Ingenious Way to Ask for a Phone in Swisscom's Ad Video Sep 30, 2016
Poignant Alzheimer's PSA Recreates the Feeling of Memory Loss Video May 15, 2015
Beats By Dr Dre Lets YouTube Users Do Their Own Sound Mixing Interactive (image) Feb 26, 2014
Cravendale: Milk Me Brian Video Aug 02, 2011
Cadbury: Fish Video Aug 03, 2010
Amnesty International: Channel Hop Video Nov 07, 2007
Nokia: Astronaut Video Jul 12, 2007
Honda (UK): Grrr Video Jul 03, 2007
Honda: Museum/Asimo Video Jun 13, 2007
Honda Asimo: Museum Video Dec 15, 2006
Motorola: Cut Through Video Oct 19, 2006
Sony Walkman: Table Video Nov 17, 2005
Sony Walkman: Bedroom Video Nov 17, 2005
Sony Walkman: Window Video Nov 17, 2005
British Heart Foundation: Under My Skin Video Oct 28, 2005
Levi's: Ice Cream Van Video Sep 21, 2005
Orange (UK): Blackout Video Sep 20, 2005
NSPCC: Talk 'Til it Stops Video Sep 20, 2005


Title Medium Date
Land Rover is '70 years young' in anniversary ad with lots of kids but not a car in sight Video Apr 30, 2018
Axe: Cops and Robbers Video Jan 11, 2012


Title Medium Date
Audi: Gymnasts Video Apr 24, 2008