Woodwork Music

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Is This Christmas Ad a 'Dangerous and Disrespectful Masterpiece'? Video Nov 13, 2014


Title Medium Date
Hennessy spotlights a forgotten African-American cycling pioneer Video Apr 16, 2018
Monster's Latest Ad Puts a Giant Purple Twist on 'King Kong' Video Sep 06, 2017
Rival Egg Hunters Discover the Joy of Teamwork in Milka's Easter Spot Video Mar 16, 2017
A Lonely Wooden Doll Finds Love at McDonald's in Brand's Holiday Film Video Nov 21, 2016
It's Not Just the Ladies Who Wonder About Axe's New Mystery Man Video Dec 22, 2014
Cosmically Connected Brothers Maintain Synchronicity Across Continents in Dell Spot Video Jan 29, 2014
Sony Launches New Campaign for the PlayStation 4 Video Jun 12, 2013
The Guardian: Three Little Pigs -- Best of 2012 TV #4 Video Feb 29, 2012
Puma: After Hours Athlete-Cannes Film Craft Grand Prix Winner Video Aug 05, 2010

Music and Sound Design

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CoverGirl muscles up in mascara ad starring Massy Arias Video May 01, 2018

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Nike (Russia): Aleksandr Maltsev Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia): Nike Elena Fedoseeva Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike (Russia): Fedor Smolov Never Asks Video Jun 19, 2018
Nike is decorating Russia's 'korobka' cages for the World Cup Video Jun 19, 2018
Gaming is an escape from real-life 'monsters' in PlayStation's latest spot Video Jun 04, 2018
Nike Pays Tribute to F.C. Barcelona in a Spot Mimicking the City's Design Video Mar 12, 2018
Facebook: Let's Get To Work OOH Print (image) Jan 24, 2018
Kit Harington Narrates Facebook's Small Business Ad Video Jan 24, 2018
A Star Wars Rivalry Blossoms in PlayStation's Ad for 'Battlefront II' Video Nov 13, 2017
McDonald's Spoofs Fragrance Advertising in U.K. Spot for 'Luxury' Burger Range Video Aug 23, 2017
A Bored King Escapes Into the PlayStation Universe in an Epic Spot from Sony Video Nov 15, 2016
Milka Taps 'Amelie' Director for First Pan-European Christmas Ad Video Nov 09, 2016
A Santa Balloon Captures the Heart of a Little Boy Over a Lifetime in Macy's Holiday Ad Video Nov 01, 2016
A Cosmonaut Narrates This Epic Celebration of Planet Earth From S7 Airlines Video Oct 05, 2016
Terrible Marketing Defeats a Suave Secret Agent in Adobe's Advertising Week Spot Video Sep 26, 2016
Milka Wants You to Choose Your Favorite Cookie Jar Character Interactive (image) May 03, 2016
Hennessy Recreates the Journeys of Iconic Swiss Explorers in an Epic 'Wild Rabbit' Video Apr 15, 2016
Airline Finds Kids' Out-of-This-World Dream Destinations Right Here on Earth Video Mar 18, 2015
A Hotel Becomes a Magical Musical Instrument in This Playful TV Ad Video Oct 13, 2014
A Powerful Threat Descends on Metropolis in New Playstation 4 Spot Video Mar 07, 2014
Axe: Susan Glenn Video Jul 12, 2012

Music Composer

Title Medium Date
Once Upon a Time, There Was a New Zealand Dollar Video Sep 03, 2013


Title Medium Date
Old Spice: Perfect Ending Video Jun 27, 2016

Sound Design and Music

Title Medium Date
We've Never Had It So Good, Says Ewan McGregor in Cisco's Optimistic Spot Video Jun 17, 2016