Yossi Lubaton

Agency Chief Executive Offier

Title Medium Date
Modern Dancers Conjure up an Underwater World for Israeli Drugstore Video Jun 24, 2015

Chief Executive Officer

Title Medium Date
A Guy Shaves Off His Beard ... and Creates a Moving Docu-Style Ad Video Jul 27, 2015
Procter & Gamble: Ariel: Suarez Print (image) Feb 15, 2015
Elite Chocolate: The Birthday Chocolates Video Sep 29, 2014

Chief Executive Offier

Title Medium Date
This billboard welcomed Prince William to Israel with an ad for sunscreen Print (image) Jun 27, 2018
This campaign hacked Spotify's Israeli launch with a warning on hearing loss Interactive (image) Apr 18, 2018
Super-Pharm: Toiletico Fantastico Video Sep 06, 2016
Mazda - Cars not inclluded Video Sep 06, 2016
Mazda: Batteries Not Included Video Sep 06, 2016
Elite Chocolate: The Splendid Sequel Video Aug 25, 2016
Delek Motors: The Taste Drive Video Apr 17, 2016
The Parents Circle-Families Forum (PCFF): Taking Steps Interactive (image) Mar 13, 2016
Delek Motors: Your Feet Have Got Potential Print (image) Feb 28, 2016
Elite Must Bubble Gum: The Stinkiest Print Ad Ever Print (image) Jan 17, 2016
Elite Turkish Coffee: Saving the Proposal Video Jan 11, 2016
American Express: It's Gonna Get Dirty Print (image) Oct 29, 2015
SuperPharm Life: An Underwater Tale Video Jun 23, 2015
Carmel Wineries: Foodography Interactive (image) Apr 28, 2015
The Parents Circle Families Forum: The Monument to the Future Victimes of the Conflict Interactive (image) Mar 16, 2015
Strauss: Achla Tahini Sauce Video Feb 26, 2015
SuperPharm Life: Life Dental Floss Print (image) Feb 17, 2015
SuperPharm Life: Life Dental Floss Corn Print (image) Feb 17, 2015
Carlsberg: The Drinking Equation Print (image) Jan 27, 2015
Ford: Ford Edge: Napoleon Print (image) Dec 07, 2014
Ford: Ford Explorer Interactive (image) Nov 02, 2014
Elite Chocolate: Cow Chocolate: Celebrating 80 years with 80 year olds Video Sep 09, 2014
Ford: Robber Print (image) Mar 20, 2014
Bekol: Kiss Print (image) Mar 10, 2014
Bekol: Snoop Dogg Print (image) Mar 10, 2014
Bekol: Miley Cyrus Print (image) Mar 10, 2014
Bekol: David Bowie Print (image) Mar 10, 2014
Hummus Brand Sets Up "Tasting Restaurant" To Impress Israeli Foodies Print (image) May 28, 2013